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Sublime beauty, pleasant warmth: a monolith in soapstone
Melle. – Soapstone has been prized as a material for thousands of years. Back in
ancient Egypt and Rome it was hewn into sculptures and magnificent basins. This
natural material also has a long tradition in stove technology, as an ideal storage
medium. A stove clad in soapstone carries on producing cosy radiant heat for hours
after the fire has gone out.
In the Quader Q 1 Spartherm now demonstrates that traditional and modern are not
mutually exclusive but – quite the opposite – harmonise perfectly. The soapstone
covering on this exclusive stove, with its grey-shaded surface, radiates sublime
tranquillity. The large glass window provides an impressive view of the fire inside.
The result is a fascinating sight of timeless beauty: dancing flames, framed by solid
natural stone.
A successful balancing act: stove design blending tradition and modernity
The ultra-modern technology inside enables this storage giant to achieve over 80 per
cent efficiency. It is thus an efficient burner of wood, which is a sustainable fuel. Once
it is lit the stove soon gets the temperature up to a comfortable level. After the flames
have died away the soapstone continues to release cosy warmth for hours,
maintaining a room temperature of 20 degrees or more.
Cleverly thought-out storage technology enables the stove to be installed either
freestanding in the room or almost right up against a wall, at a minimum distance of
2.5 cm. In addition, it is available in a choice of room air dependent or room air
sealed (RLU) models. This is particularly advantageous for well-insulated passive or
low-energy homes. But whichever way it is operated and whether it is wall-mounted
or stands in the middle of the room, the Quader Q 1 is more than just a stove. It is a
modern sculpture and a monument in stone, with an almost magical aura.
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Caption: Natural storage medium provides many hours of cosy warmth
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