English 10 Honors day 19

DAY 19
Objective: To analyze a text using SOAPSTone and begin to plan EA 1
“Multi-Culturalism Explained in One Word: Hapa”
◦As we read the text on page 41, highlight or underline the
◦The speaker’s definition of her cultural identity
◦Supporting information (examples and details that
demonstrate her cultural identity)
“Hapa” SOAPSTone
◦ Complete the SOAPSTone chart on page 43 for the article.
◦ As you do this, put more than just basic information; add details and
◦ For example, for the Speaker category don’t just put Kristin Lee;
add details we either factually know or can infer about her based on
the text.
◦ On page 45, you’ll see the basic assignment sheet for your first Embedded
◦ Write a reflective essay explaining your cultural identity.
◦ Consider what you need to include in your essay to effectively convey your
cultural identity. (Use resources from throughout the unit to help you.)
◦ What are some things you need to mention or describe?
◦ Is there a specific event that you could describe to best convey your ideas?
◦ How will you describe your cultural identity?
◦ Fill in the SOAPSTone chart with information you want to
include/want the reader to know from your essay.
◦ At the bottom of the chart, add voice.
◦ What kind of voice do you need to use in your essay?
◦ How will you achieve this voice? (How do you need to use stylistic
elements such as tone, diction, syntax, and imagery?)
◦ Have the SOAPSTone chart (with voice) completed for the next class.
◦ You should also have a general idea of how you will describe your
cultural identity.