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The modern way of heating: water-heating stoves with
impressive performance and design
Efficient log-burners that conserve resources - the fire in the living-room heats
the whole house
Melle. – Imagine you are relaxing in the bath. In bathwater heated to a pleasant
39 degrees by the wood-burning stove in the living-room. And it’s environmentally
friendly and carbon-neutral. – It sounds unbelievable at first, but a water-heating
stove makes it come true, without any need for magic. A powerhouse like this, with a
built-in water heat exchanger, heats not just the living-room but the entire house. It
pumps hot water into the central heating system via a buffer tank. And it supplies the
kitchen and bathroom with hot water.
That means the heat from the fire can be used everywhere in the house, either via
radiators and underfloor heating, or to provide hot water for baths and showers. As
regards visual appeal, there’s no need for any concessions. Quite the opposite, in
fact: modern water-heating stoves like the Ambiente A4 H2O by Spartherm combine
excellent heat output with exclusive design – and in addition, they create a uniquely
cosy feel in the home.
Symbiosis of fire and water – in a perfect ambience
Voted Product of the Year 2011 in its category by the judges at the prestigious Plus X
Awards, the stove stands easily 1.70 metres tall on a circular base. This powerful
model also collected a seal of quality in each of the categories Innovation, High
Quality, Design, Functionality and Ecology.
The stove, which is outstanding in almost every respect, has an extra-large, curved
glass window for an unrestricted view of the flames in the fire chamber and
guarantees all the romance of a real fire. With its steel covering in bright pearl white,
rich earth brown, soft grey or bold black, this domestic ‘combined heat and power
station’, which can also be operated as a room air sealed model if required, blends
tastefully into any interior. After all, that’s where it belongs – as its name suggests.
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Caption: The 1.70 m tall Ambiente stove with integral water heat exchanger supplies
hot water for the kitchen and bathroom
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