Study Guide for Acceleration, Forces, Friction and Gravity Test

Things to Review for Test
Test Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Chapter 5 Test Acceleration and Sections 2, 3&4
Acceleration word problems (solving for time, acceleration and
final velocity)
Know equation for acceleration, time and final velocity
What is force?
Know the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces
How do balanced and unbalanced forces effect motion of objects
Know how to find net force
What is friction and what factors determine the amount of friction?
Know the types of friction and applications of each
Know types of friction that are helpful and types of friction that are
harmful (examples)
Gravity/Law of Universal Gravitation
When does gravity increase
When does gravity decrease
What does gravity depend on
Review all notes, homework, worksheets, labs and POD’s.
Reread section 1 acceleration, and sections 2,3 and 4 in chapter 5.