resume - Alabama A&M University

ShanQuinetta Ruffin
[email protected]
(256) 468-8709
P.O Box 472
York, AL 36925
Bachelor of Science in Food Science, Alabama A&M University, Huntsville, AL
Graduation Date: May ‘12
Overall GPA: 3.2/4.0
Major: Food Science and Technology
Minor: Chemistry
Jan ’12-May ‘12
Food Product Development, Capstone Course, Alabama A&M Food and Animal Science
• Brainstorming of ideas for selection of an innovative product that fit customer’s needs
• Research and development of product in product development laboratory
• Conducting laboratory tests to determine proximate analysis of product
• Determination of shelf-life analysis in laboratory setting
• Creating packaging and design for food product
• Determination of a marketing strategy
• Sensory Evaluation of food product for acceptance and preference
• Work as a team member
• Presentation of poster at completion of course
May‘11-July ‘11
Functional Food Product Development, USDA Summer Scholar’s Research Program, Alabama
A&M Food and Animal Science Department
• Development of a Functional Food Product
• Brainstorming of ideas
• Determination of proximate analysis
• Demonstrated ideas for packaging/design, marketing strategy, and large scale processing of
• Sensory Evaluation for acceptance of the food product
• Performed microbiological tests to determine shelf-life
• Work as a team member
• Presentation of project at completion of program
Undergraduate Assistant, Alabama A&M Department of Food and Animal Science
• Assist graduate students and professors with research in laboratory settings
• Use of computer software (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint)
• Assist secretary with office work (answering phone, delivering/receiving mail)
• Co-Author Research projects with colleagues
Chemopreventive effect of Malted Barley and Garbanzo Beans on an Azoxymethane
Induced Rat Model for Cancer Research
Level 2 Academic Scholarship: F ’09-SP ’12 Food Science Club: F ’08- SP ‘12
Dean’s List: SP ’09-’12
Senior Representative (Food Science Club):
Honor Roll: SP ’09-‘11
F ’11- SP ‘12
Community Service: Soup Kitchen SP ‘11
Sigma Tau Epsilon Professional Fraternity