Louisiana Purchase notes

Louisiana Purchase notesThe Incredible Purchase
In 1802 President Jefferson learned that Spain had secretly given
Louisiana back to __________ Jefferson sent two representatives to ask the
French leader Napoleon Bonaparte to sell part of the territory including New
Orleans to the United States. Jefferson was willing to offer 10 Million
But _____________ had other problems on his mind. France was preparing
for war with _____________. And the people in the French colony of
___________ had rebelled against France. Needing money to pay for the
wars Bonaparte offered to sell all of Louisiana to the United States. The
price __________ dollars for more than 800,000 square miles of land.
On ____________________ the United States agreed to purchase the huge
territory reaching from the _______________ west to the Rocky Mountains
and from New Orleans north to Canada.
The territory became known as the Louisiana Purchase. With it the United
States doubled in size and became one of the largest countries in the world.