The Louisiana Purchase


What was the importance of the purchase and exploration of the Louisiana Purchase?

By 1800 more than one million settlers lived between the

Appalachian Mountains and Mississippi

Most settler were farmers and relied on

Mississippi to ship their crops to the port at New


In 1795 U.S. negotiated the

Pinckney Treaty

• Guaranteed

Americans’ rights to ship goods down the

Mississippi and store goods in New Orleans

In 1801, Spain secretly gave New

Orleans and the

Louisiana Territory to France

• Jefferson worried about how Napoleon

Bonaparte would rule the area

1802 the Governor of New Orleans stopped allowing Americans to ship their goods through New Orleans

Americans wanted to go to war

Jefferson decided to send James Monroe to Paris to buy New Orleans from the


Meanwhile in Haiti, a revolution led by

Toussaint L’Ouverture had driven the

French out

Without Haiti, the French would not be able to defend Louisiana during a war

In France, another war between France and Britain was about to begin and the

French needed money to fund it

France offered to sell ALL OF THE

LOUISIANA TERRITORY for $15 million (about 4 cents an acre)

Because it would take months to get Jefferson’s advice, Monroe accepted the offer

This agreement would almost double the size of the country and give the U.S. control of the


The Constitution nowhere states that the

President has the power to buy land from a foreign country

Jefferson decided he could purchase the land because the Constitution said the president could make treaties

The Senate approved the treaty and

Congress voted to pay for the land


Costs Benefits


Was Goal


Corps Members

Meriwether Lewis


William Clark

Toussaint Charbonneau



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Please color and label the following:

-The United States

(As of 1804)

- Spanish Territory

-The Louisiana


-Oregon Country

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-Lewis and Clark

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