Marbury vs. Madison

Marbury vs.
Madison &
Marbury vs. Madison
(What you have to know)
• Judicial Review – The Supreme
Court has the authority to check
the power of the President &
• The Supreme Court can declare
laws (acts) passed by Congress
and enforced by the President as
“unconstitutional.” This makes the
laws void!
Louisiana Purchase
(Jefferson’s Gamble)
• New Orleans was an important
port, where over half of American
exports traveled through (access
to Atlantic Ocean & at the mouth of
Mississippi River).
• Spain traded Louisiana Territory to
France (secret Treaty).
Louisiana Purchase cont.
• Just before the trade happened –
Spain closed down the Port of New
Orleans & the lower Mississippi
River to American shippers.
• President Jefferson sends Robert
Livingston & James Monroe to go
to France to work out a deal.
Louisiana Purchase Cont.
• Tallyrand (representative for
Napoleon) offers to sell Louisiana
to America for $15 million.
• Napoleon needed cash quick
because of the war with England
and the slave revolt in Hispanola.
Francois Dominique
Touissant L’Ouverture
Louisiana Purchase Cont.
• Jefferson is not sure if it is
“Constitutional” to make such a
purchase as President. He is not
sure if he has the “Power.”
• He makes purchase anyway—for
c. $.04 per acre--Senate approves
purchase--Doubles the size of the
Lewis and Clark
• Jefferson needs some trusted men
to explore the new territory
• Lewis, Clark, and the Corps of
Discovery leave St. Louis in May of
Map of Expedition
Native Encounters
Journey’s Highlights
• Spent the Winter with the Mandan
People—contracted STDs
• Hired an interpreter and his
pregnant wife to help with
communicating with Indians—
• Had a tense encounter with the
Teton Sioux, but made it through
unharmed and continued on
Journey’s Highlights
• Shoshone Indians sold them
horses that allowed the Corps to
portage and survive the Rockies
even in the dead of winter
• Reached the Pacific Ocean in late
1805—realized there was no
Northwest Passage across the
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