The Physical Geography of China

The Physical Geography of China
Directions: On your map of the People’s Republic of China label the
following physical features and cities on your map. In addition, answer
the questions that follow about the physical geography of China. You
should use the web-site
Label the Following
Huang He River
Chang River
*Xi River
Yellow Sea
East China sea
South China Sea
*Gobi Desert
*Taklimakan Desert
*North China Plain
*Greater Hinggan Range
Himalayan Mountains
*Yunnan Plateau
*Plateau of Tibet
Hong Kong
Answer the Following
1. How would you describe the relative location of China?
2. Describe the climate of China.
3. What are three current environmental issues that are affecting China at
the present time?
4. How many people live in China?
5. What would be five of the major natural resources of China?
6. What is the major ethnic group in China? Would China have major
ethnic problems? Explain.
7. What is the official religion of China? What has been the traditional
religion of China?
8. The official name of China is_______________________.
9. The President of China is____________________.
10.What are four of the major exports of China?
11.Who is China’s major export partner?
12.What are three major imports of China?
13.Who is China’s major import partner?
14.Do many people in China have internet access compared to the United
15.What are some current environmental issues in China?
16.What is the life expectancy in China? How does this compare to the
United States?
17.One of the major issues in the world right now is oil and its
consumption as well as the high price for oil. What is the oil
consumption of China? How does this consumption compare to that
of the United States?
18.Why is China a concern in the area of Human trafficking? Explain.
19.What is the infant mortality rate in China? How does this figure
compare to that of the United States?
20.What disputes does China have with other countries?