Chemistry Review Chapter 10

Chemistry Content for Chapter 10 Test
Counting Particles
List 4 representative particles.
What is Avogadro’s number?
Convert mole and particle.
Convert particle to mole.
Mass to Mole
What is a molar mass? What are the units?
Convert mass of an element to moles.
Convert moles of an element to mass.
Moles of Compounds
Find the molar mass of a compound.
Convert mass of a compound to moles.
Convert moles of a compound to mass.
Empirical and Molecular Formulas
Find percent composition by mass.
How are empirical and molecular formulas different?
How can you find the empirical formula when given the masses of elements?
How can you find the molecular formula when given the molar mass of a
compound and either percents or masses of elements?
What is the difference between a hydrate and an anhydrous?
How do you name hydrates?
How do you determine the number of water molecules in a hydrate?
Significant Digits and Units
How many digits are we using for this chapter?
How do you set the calculator to scientific notation?
Why are units important in chemistry calculations?