Starter Activity for Literacy Cognates

Embedding French in the Primary Curriculum
A warm-up activity for Literacy in French
Teacher’s Notes:
Learning Objective for Literacy
Broaden range of vocabulary in English by looking at cognates and near-cognates in
Learning Objective for French: To learn some French vocabulary and make
connections with English words
Resources: word cards (succulent, façade, habitat, nonchalant, turbulent,
camaraderie), PPT with gap-fill sentences. (All resources attached)
Explanation of the activity:
Step 1 : Pupils are given words cards in pairs and asked to sort them into French
and English words
Step 2 : Whole class feedback of activity to conclude that all six words are both
French and English!
Step 3 : At this stage, pupils could use dictionaries to check the meanings of any
unfamiliar words or use definition cards as a matching activity
Step 4 : Listening activity: Teacher says each word in either English or French.
Pupils signal which language is being spoken (e.g. stand up for French, sit down
for English). The focus here is that words, whilst being spelt the same, are often
pronounced differently in different languages!
Step 5 : Gap-fill sentences on IWB e.g There’s a great sense of ....... in this
class! Pupils decide which of the six words goes in the gap.
Step 6 : The sentences can then be read in French and pupils raise a hand
when they hear the key word in French.
Progression: Class builds up a list of other words which are the same in English
and French over the year.
Teacher’s script (generic)
Translation into English
This beefburger is delicious and
There’s a great sense of camaraderie in
this class!
The squirrel’s natural habitat is in woods
and trees
1066 was a very turbulent year in Britain.
He felt scared, but he tried to look as
nonchalant as possible
Westminster Abbey has a beautiful
Native speaker for ‘real’ French translations!
Literacy PPT (includes other resources)