School of Divinity - University of St Andrews

School of Divinity
First Year
Recommended Reading List 2015/16
* = Required textbook for this module
DI1001 Theology I: Introduction to Theology
B Lohse
A McGrath
J. B. Torrance
D. Migliore
C Gunton
A Short History of Christian Doctrine from the First Century to
the Present (Fortress Press 1985)
Christian Theology - An Introduction (Blackwell 2007)
Worship, Community and the Triune God of Grace, IVP, 1997
(also published in UK by Paternoster, 1996)
Faith seeking Understanding : an introduction to Christian
theology, W.B. Eerdmans, (revised 2nd ed), 2004
The Christian Faith (Blackwell, 2002)
DI1004 Hebrew I: Introduction to Hebrew Language
*J. Weingreen
A Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew (2nd ed.; Oxford:
OUP, 1963).
DI1005 New Testament Greek I
*William D. Mounce
3rd edition, 2009)
Basics of Biblical Greek, Grammar (Grand Rapids: Zondervan,
*William D. Mounce
Basics of Biblical Greek, Workbook (Grand Rapids:
Zondervan, 3rd edition, 2009).
DI1006 New Testament I: The Gospels and Jesus
Items marked with an asterisk are required texts
*E. Adams
Parallel Lives of Jesus: A Guide to the Four Gospels (Louisville,
KY: WJK, 2011)
P. Barnett
Jesus & the Rise of Early Christianity: A History of New
Testament Times (IVP: Downers Grove: 2002)
*G. Vermes
– OR –
*N. T. Wright
The Changing Faces of Jesus (London: Penguin, 2001)
Simply Jesus: Who He Was, What He Did, and Why It Matters
(London: SPCK, 2011)
The recommended translation of the New Testament is the New Revised Standard
DI1012 Introduction to Practical Theology & Theological Ethics
Practical Theology
H. Cameron, Resourcing Mission: Practical Theology for Changing Churches (London:
SCM, 2010)
E. Graham, Words Made Flesh: Writings in Pastoral and Practical Theology (London,
SCM 2009).
J. Woodward & S Pattison, The Blackwell Reader in Pastoral and Practical Theology
(Oxford: Blackwell, 2000).
B.Miller-McLemore (ed.), The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Practical Theology
(Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012); particularly the chapter on
disability by John Swinton, pp. 443-51. (The whole publication
will be available, free as an e-book via the Library Catalogue, to
students once matriculation is complete).
Theological Ethics
Wells & Quash, Introducing Christian Ethics (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010)
Sandel, Justice: What’s the Right Thing To Do? (Penguin, 2010)
For Arts Students:
First Year MA in Biblical Studies and Biblical Studies element of Combined
Honours Programmes = DI1003 and DI1006
MA in Theological Studies and Theological Studies element of Combined Honours
Programmes = DI1001 and DI1002
First Year Hebrew = DI1003 and DI1004