Bachelors Degree Subjects

Program listings under the international program
For degree study areas not listed and subjects not listed students are requested to contact the International Program Director for
available subjects and alternative study areas [email protected]
Schools of Human and Religious Studies
Ministry, Theology and Religious Studies
Bachelors Degree Subjects
For study areas or subjects not listed kindly contact the International Program Director.
Study Skills (Required Starter), The Nature of Christian Faith, The Life of Christ, Understanding the Bible, The Book of Genesis,
The Book of Daniel, The Book of Romans, The Book of Acts, The Book of Hebrews, The Book of Revelation, Biblical
Hermeneutics, Church History, Church Doctrine, Christian Theology Basics,
Systematic Theology, Christian Ethics, Christian Maturity, Discipleship, Evangelism & Missionary, Ministry Principles, Bible
Prophecy, Homiletics, World Religions, Worship in the Bible, Spiritual Warfare, Christian Ministry Counselling, Pastoral Care &
Counselling, Church Leadership, Psychology of Life, The Sociological Perspective, New Testament Theology, Old Testament
Theology, Church Planting & Growth, Pastoral Theology, Church Management, Human Relations, Communication, Ministry