2.2 SI Units

By the end of this lesson you will be able to:
- Identify the purpose of SI.
- Identify the SI units of length, volume, mass, temperature, time, and rate.
SI Units
What is SI?
Why was it created?
SI uses the metric system, which makes conversions easy, as they are multiples of 10.
When multiplying by 10 what happens to the number?
In your groups try the following conversions by multiplying by a power of 10 and
moving the decimal. Use Table 2 on page 50.
3 Gigameters are how many meters?
7 hectometers are how many meters?
1000 millimeters is how many meters?
Think about it: How many inches are in 17 feet? Which was easier to calculate, the
metric conversion or the American system?
Fill in the following chart as you read.
Type of measurement
Distance between 2 points
SI Unit
Amount of space occupied
by an object
The amount of matter in an
Measure of gravitational
force on an object
How hot or cold and object
Interval between 2 events
Rate –
Homework: On a separate sheet of paper answer self check questions 1-5 on page 54.