Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

Homework Overview
Pupil & Parent Support and Additional Guidance
Students will have homework based around GCSE exam questions.
The homework will allow students to practise the skills needed for the
exams. This will usually be once each week but some topics take a
little longer.
Where students are preparing for an examination, such as the
Language exam on non-fiction analysis and writing skills or the
Literature exam on prose, drama and poetry, a weekly homework to
prepare or complete a task related to the examination will be set.
However, at periods where students are preparing for or sitting
Controlled Assessment, no out of lesson work is permitted by the exam
board and therefore no homework will be set at these times.
Years 10 & 11 follow WJEC exam board(
Independent revision is crucial. Students and parents can
access past papers via the exam board websites. There are
further practice papers on Dashboard. Check with your teacher if
you are unsure.
As we are moving towards end of course exams, more and more of the
homework will be practice exam questions and assessments that help
students prepare and review the grade that they are working at.
Students on the BTEC course may have work that helps them reach the
higher levels. This type of homework has to be self-motivating and
relies on the students wanting to achieve the higher grade.
Design &
Students will usually be given homework on a weekly basis. The
homework task should last approximately one hour. Occasionally,
teachers may choose to give a project style homework set over more
than one week. and come
highly recommended to help support students with developing
learning in D&T.
Homework will take the form of extension work, research work, exam
question practice and rehearsals for practical performances.
Support is offered on an individual basis for each student who
requires mentoring or advice. This takes place outside school in
catch-up or drop-in sessions or through parent/teacher/pupil
tutorials. These can be requested by the teacher, parent or the
pupil themselves. Access to resources relevant to the individual
subjects in the faculty can be accessed by the students via the
shared area of the school network or, if accessing from home,
via the school’s website - using the
‘Dashboard’ link. Additional support is also available at the
website of the respective subjects’ exam board.
Students should continue to use to
support their learning.
Use past papers to really get to grips with the style of
questions you will be asked to complete when you sit your
exam. Past papers are available on the exam websites
GCSE students can access past papers at
(you should know which papers you are sitting – check with
your teacher)
For those students taking BTEC Science you can find out
more and access additional parent guidance at
Set work will directly link to assessment practice or revision. All Year
10 students will be provided with a thorough revision guide shortly after
Easter and should be revising for their RE examinations (dates to be
published nearer the time) on a regular basis from this point onwards.
We greatly value parents support in encouraging students to revise.
Geographers might find useful for research and for
philosophy and ethics & RE can support
any learning that has happened in class.
Computing &
Students in Year 10 ICT will concentrate on their coursework and
may have planning or research homework to complete. As they are
in controlled conditions for the coursework, this will be infrequent.
In Year 11 ICT students will have theory tasks to complete at home
and mini tests each fortnight.
Year 10 Computing students will have theory homework every
week. Business Studies students may have “catch up” work if they
have not completed their tasks during the lessons before their
submission deadlines.
If you do not have internet access at home you can complete
these tasks at daily ICT lunch clubs or at the after school
homework club in the LRC. You can even reserve a laptop for
break or lunchtime simply see Mrs Brown in the LRC to book
For ASSET and GCSE students a vocabulary learning homework
will be set once a week. Students will be expected to spend at least
30 minutes in preparation for a weekly test in class.
In addition GCSE Students will also be expected to complete a
second piece of homework to consolidate work done in class.
Controlled conditions tasks will be set when required.
Vocabulary learning homework tasks can be accessed from:
GCSE – Homework in GCSE PE will be set when and where
relevant to the sport and/or unit of work being studied. It will take
the form of application and learning, revision for end of unit tests
and exams, research of a particular aspect of PE and/or unit of work
being studied, prior to their learning.
BTEC Sport – Homework in BTEC Sport will be set to enable the
students to achieve and/or exceed their target grade. It will require
the students to be self-motivated and relies on their aspiration to
achieve their best.
GCSE courses
All students are encouraged to attend the schools
extracurricular clubs and practices in order to reinforce and
extend their learning.
Revision material can be accessed via Dashboard and
GCSE past papers via the examination board website.