The British Take Over India

Section 25.4
In 16OO’s the British East India Company obtained trading rights from the
Mughal Empire.
As Mughal Power declined the Company expanded its influence.
India was home to many diverse cultures.
As Mughal Power crumbled India fragmented.
Indians were not able to unite against newcomers.
The British took advantage of this ferment by playing off rival princes against
each other.
The British with superior weapons over powered local rulers
The main goal of the East India company was to make money, and leading
officials often got rich
British kept Indians from engaging in large scale
manufacturing witch hurt the business class.
 East India Company required Sepoy’s to serve in
India or overseas, and a new law was created
allowing Hindu widows to re-marry.
 The Sepoy rebellion swept across northern and
central India.
 The British crushed the
rebellion and brought it to
an end.
Brittan saw India both as a market and as source of
raw material.
 The British built railroads to trade with India
 The British got better farm equipment making more
food and a huge population increase causing
 British rule brought Peace and order
to the countryside
During the age of imperialism, Indians and
British did not appreciate each other.
But most British people did not know all
about the Indians
Also Indians did not know much about the
When the western-educated Indians emerged the
wanted a democracy, equality, and the end of
imperial rule.
In 1885 nationalist leaders organized the Indian
national congress.
At first, Muslims and Hindus worked together for
More Indians demanded self-rule
Their goal was achieved in 1947 when they gained