VARK Reflection Assignment

VARK Reflection Assignment
Oftentimes, when students are asked how they are going to improve their
grade they respond with “I’ll study harder.” Instead, consider studying
smarter. The problem may not be with how much you study, but how you
study. After taking the VARK test and scoring your results, analyze your
study habits and include a reflection on the following points:
 What is your learning style? Is it what you thought it would be?
 According to your learning style information sheet, how should your
study habits change? How should they stay the same?
 Give specific examples of things you can do to study for this class.
How will you make sure you do this?
 According to your results, what can Ms. Juengel do to help you learn
 Did you find this helpful? Why or why not?
To take the VARK online, go to
All reflections should be typed, at least one page, double-spaced, with 1
inch margins. You may email your reflection to Ms. Juengel at This assignment is due Monday, August 9th.