VARK Instructions and Worksheet

MiniPrep 2015
Friday Morning Session 9 – “Getting to Know…Me” – VARK Results
In preparation for this MiniPrep session, follow the instructions below. You may print this sheet, fill it out as
you take the VARK Test, and bring this sheet to the session. Or, you can simply record your responses to the
below prompts and bring your answers to the session.
1-Go to
2-Click on “Questionnaire” link.
3-Answer the questions on “The VARK Questionnaire”. Note that you can check more than one answer.
4-When you have answered all of the questions, you will click “OK” to see your results. Enter your results
below or record them elsewhere:
You have a ____________________________________ learning preference.
5-Click on the link to the “helpsheet” for your learning preference. The helpsheets provide tools that you can
use in law school that are specific to your learning preference. List below some that sound appealing to you.
NOTE: If you are multimodal, open the helpsheet for the one or two learning preferences for which you
scored the highest.
INTAKE: To take in the information:
SWOT: To make a learnable package:
OUTPUT: To perform well on exams: