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This new database is an initiative of the Supreme Court of Queensland Library. The
database contains appellate and High Court judgements relating to the Criminal Code
states of Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. The
Library has selected judgments of significance so as to assist practitioners in the
criminal law field. The Database was launched in May 2010, and contains judgments
backdated to October 2009. The database will be updated weekly and feedback from
users is welcomed. This database is part of a wider initiative suggested by courts of
appeal to make practitioners aware of significant recent judgments at appellate level
across jurisdictions.
Judgments can be searched by subject, legislation, and by comparative sections of the
codes across these jurisdictions. Each case is headed by a “statement of significance”
compiled by the Library so as to alert the reader to points of interest in that case. A
table of comparative legislation across the four states accompanies each judgment.
Sentencing and drug offences decisions have not been included in the
Feed back from practitioner is welcomed.
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You are looking for cases on s668e Qld Criminal Code 1899 or its equivalent. One
click in the service will bring up Rainbird v Tasmania 2010 TASCCA 009 and the
equivalent Tasmanian section s402 Tas Criminal Code 1924
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