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Chapter 3
Exploration and Colonization
Section 4
Building the Jamestown Colony (pages 87-91)
Complete the Outline
1. The First English Colony
a. England Seeks Riches
b. Queen Elizabeth I desired to sponsor English settlement
c. Sir _______ ________ sent by Elizabeth to outfit a colony for England in North America
2. Roanoke
a. Island off present day __________ ______________
b. Problems:
c. 1587-- __________ _____________ went back to Roanoke with a new group of settlers
d. Returned home to England leaving 117 behind at Roanoke
e. Upon White’s return, the colony was quiet and vacated, only the word ___________ was found
carved on a nearby tree
3. Jamestown
a. In _______, the Virginia Company of London received a charter from _______ ______ __.
i. Charterb. The charter gave the company the right to settle between present day _____ _______ and the
________ River.
i. This area was called __________, named after the “Virgin Queen” Elizabeth I
4. In the spring of 1607, the colonists sailed up the ________ River and called their establishment
___________ named after King James.
5. Problems at Jamestown:
c. Governing the colony proved difficult
6. Starvation and Recovery:
a. Captain John Smith
i. Identify:
ii. Importance to Jamestown:
iii. Relationship towards Natives:
b. Powhatan
i. Identify:
ii. Importance to Jamestown:
c. John Rolfe
i. Identify:
ii. Importance to Jamestown:
iii. Relationship towards Natives:
d. Pocahontas
i. Identify
ii. Importance to Jamestown:
7. Even though King James thought pipe smoking was a “vile custom” ______________ became the most
profitable cash crop in Jamestown by 1620, and becoming a fad in Europe.
8. Due to harsh conditions and through a desire to attract settlers, the Virginia Company took steps to
establish a more stable government.
First representative assembly where governor and council made colonial laws
“Great Charter” signed by King John in 1215 that limited the powers of the
king and established the tradition of political rights
9. In the Virginia colony in 1670, what were the requirements for voting:
10. New arrivals to the Jamestown colony included women and __________________, establishing slavery
in North America by 1619.
Section 5
Seeking Religious Freedom (pages 93-97)
1. The founders of Plymouth Colony in 1620 were called the _______________. These are people who
make long journeys for religious reasons.
2. Divisions between the ______________ and Roman Catholics lead to fierce religious wars in Europe.
3. Most European rulers believed that order could not be maintained without a state supported religion.
This chosen religion became known as a __________ ___________.
4. Those who did not follow the established state religion faced _________________, defined as
mistreatment or punishment of individuals because of their beliefs.
5. The pilgrims were also known as the __________________ in England since they wanted to break or
separate from the Church of England.
6. To escape persecution, the Separatists went to live in the ____________________, but they missed their
English way of life.
7. The Separatists, along with other English people, obtained a charter to set up a colony in
8. In _______________, 1620, they set sail on the ____________________ towards the New World.
9. They arrived in ____________ (month) at present day ________________ and called their colony
_______________ named from the port from which they sailed.
10. The Pilgrims and ___________ agreed that they needed a government while in the New World, so they
established the ____________ _____________ while still on board the ship.
a. When?—
b. Who?—
c. Why?—
d. Civil Body Politic?—
e. Importance?—
11. Because many settlers believed that only their own religious beliefs should be observed, other English
colonies were later established in order to set up their own churches. This desire to worship freely in
their own colonies set an important __________, or example, for others to follow in the future.
12. Early Hardships
a. Problems with First Winter at Plymouth
i. Food—
ii. Shelter—
iii. “Starving Time”—
b. Help from Native Americans
i. Crops—
1. __________ learned English from early explorers and introduced the Pilgrims to
Chief Massasoit.
ii. Squanto—
1. Identify—
2. Significance and Importance to settlers—
iii. Thanksgiving
1. Define—