Accessing WinCC runtime database from a remote computer over a

Accessing WinCC runtime database from a remote computer
over a Network:
Objective: Accessing WinCC runtime database (Tag logging) while project is activated from remote
computer over the Network.
Requirements: Runtime project can be a single user project running with WinCC V4.02, accessible from
the network.
Run the project on the remote computer (in multi user project) let us assume its computer name is
Now you can access the remote database in both Sybase SQL and ODBC. How to set each up is explained
Opening in Sybase (SCView):
Run Scview: Siemens\WinCC\bin\Scview.exe
Click on add connection. Press the “More” button.
User ID is DBA. Password is SQL.
Server Name will be REMOTE_N (or what the DBClient button displays).
Now you can access the project and runtime databases.
Setting up ODBC:
In control panel, select ODBC setup.
In User DSN click the “Add” button.
Select Sybase SQL Anywhere.
UserID is: DBA Password is:SQL Servername will be :REMOTE_N or equivalent.
Database name: Copy the database name from SCView.
Once ODBC is setup you can use this DSN name to access the database as ODBC database from other
For example in Access (97) add new table, type ODBC and select Machine Data Source: choose the ODBC