Mini's Resume


Mwamini Naggayi

252-334-1634 (H) 252-335-3019(W)

[email protected]

304 Lance Drive, Elizabeth City, NC 27909


This is to seek a challenging position as an Information Technology Instructor to best utilize my leadership skills and my expertise in the business environment. I am interested in teaching courses such as introductory, programming, project management, database courses.


Computer Science, May 2008 Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA


Computer Information Systems, October 2000 DeVry University, Decatur, GA

Associate Degree

, Accounting, June 1996      I.W.Akerlay campus, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Elizabeth City State University



Laboratory Assistant

10/02 – Present/Elizabeth City, NC      Teach Introduction to Computing courses such as Microsoft Office suite (Access, Excel, etc), Visual C++ Tutoring students in Programming Languages: Java, C++ and Database Management Systems Maintain computer science labs to make sure each computer is working properly Set and grade tests/exams to test student proficiency in Microsoft Office suite Helps students with any problem arising from using computers

Mitsubishi Wireless Communication Inc. - Software Engineer

07/00 – 07/02 / Duluth, GA  Redesigned and Maintained Problem Tracking Application. This was the major Database Application that stores all other applications and widely used in the USA, Japan and France. Customers' worldwide may submit cellular phone related problem direct into the  application. Problem submitted automatically emailed to appropriate personnel Worked as a part of a team to conceive, design and automate Mitsubishi’s Cellular Phone Tracking Application in Access97, which was used primarily to store cellular phone information (vendor, model, revision history, author, location). Analyzed data and developed prototype Created User Interfaces using Analyzed

visual C++ Visual basic documentation

6.00 and

Borland 5.00


and developed different kinds of

PC Tools simulators

for cellular phones Worked as part of team to design and develop Revision History Tracking Application in Access 97.    Developed user friendly

access reports, user-friendly manual

, table relationships, enforced referential integrity and


database in multi user environment Had extensive use of



Bit wise

manipulation Focused on overall development lifecycle, and had to use of



MS Visual Source Safe

for back up applications Have been exposed to

Clear Case


Rational ClearQuest and

Extensive use of graphics creation using

Photo shop pro

and paint shop


Database Design

PL/SQL , RDBMS Sequel server/Clear Crystal Reports Access 97/03/XP

Programming Languages

Visual Studio.NET Case C/ C++ Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 Java, Servlet, Java Beans Oracle 9i/10g MYSQL ODBC/JDBC XML, PHP SAS for Data mining /Analysis MS Source Safe, PVCS COBOL

Web Development

Dreamweaver XHTML, CSS, HTML ASP, CGI, PERL JavaScript, VB Script ASP, ASP.NET, SOAP & WSDL Front page, XML Apache, IIS W3C Compliance Application

Additional Skills

  Excellent Technical writing skills in application documentation Can communicate effectively with both technical and non technical user


Windows 9.x, 00, NT, XP Unix IIS (install/config) Apache (install/config)

     Strong exposure data warehousing and mining skills Can work effectively in teams and also work alone under minimal supervision Moderate exposure to SAS Analysis Self motivated, hard working, easily comprehend complex problems and solve problems with minimal direction. Developed different kinds of


on the internship using

Crystal report writer

, Access and Visual Basic

Technical Skills in Details

Visual Basic

     Designed various user-friendly screens including security, splash and tab-strip screens Designed application specific toolbars and menus Developed functions and macros Developed VB coding to access and manipulated data in either Access97 or Oracle Developed necessary coding to facilitate connectivity to Oracle server via ODBC. 

Database Development

Access 95/97/00/03

 Created Access97 database to maintain and track residents, staff and payment information  Created forms, SQL queries, macros, and functions    Increased input and data retrieval efficiency via the use of user-friendly forms and reports Used DDL and DML in SQL scripts to create views, and to drop, update, database objects/tables Used in back-end web development using ASP and JSP 

Oracle9i/10g, PHP & Apache server

 Designed a Faculty Information System for College of Business and Public Administration at ODU:

      The system automatically generate websites and reports for faculty after they input the data Web development using dream weaver, XHTML, CSS, Fireworks, JavaScript, ASP and JSP, see : Created views, functions, packages, procedures , triggers and site Compliance with W3C guidelines. Experience in the use of cursors, advanced SQL statements, loops and exceptions System Backup, Transaction processing and Recovery Granting and revoking of privileges.


      Experienced in application, applet development, animation, applet graphics Skilled in Database Connectivity, ODBC, JDBC Experienced with inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism Java 2.0, Swing, Abstract window toolkit, create applications, server side applets Extensive use of pseudo-coding, system flowcharting and structure flowcharting. Extensive use of Java beans and Java Servlets 


 Worked as part of team to create Travel Agency project  Agents search for and book travel packages on behalf of the customers using a system for: Airline, hotel, and car rentals   The information allowed to be access by agent would depend on agents job responsibilities With the project I had an extensive use of web services security, form authentication, passport authentication, role based security, hashing password, data encryption and Microsoft SQL Server.

 

SAS Analysis

 Create and run scripts  Analyzed data using Principal components, Regression and Correlation  Exposure to data mining techniques such as multiple regressions, Principal components analysis, variable reduction  procedure, interpreting the results etc.

Work as part of team to design data ware house project

Networking/Web Server

 Experience with setting up peer-to-peer networks in both Win95 and Win98 environments  Installation and configuration of WinNT and Win2K    Permitted sharing of certain file, printers and applications Connected 4-12 port hub, coaxial cables, 10BaseT cables and BNC connectors as needed Also experienced with S/W, HD, Floppy drive, CD-ROM, CD-RW installation, configuration and troubleshooting.


: Made it on dean’s list every semester during undergraduate degree at DeVry Award Certificate of Outstanding Performance in accounting in Canada


: Available upon request