Eksamination project

Web Commucation and Network Sociology
- Examination project Autum 2013
Groupsize: 1 person
Report: Your project must include your ideas about:
 Problem definition – what are the main problematics creating a
personal presentation today?
 See Giddens on self identity – and the need for personal presentation?
 Goffmans sign Vehicles – how can this be interpreted in your design and
the way you communicate?
 Use Bolter & Grusin’s terms from remediation to describe how you choose
to remediate yourself.
 Explain and discuss how Sensory Branding can be used in relation to your
portfolio site?
 See webcommunication – and how to write on a website
 Social media – a strategi about why/why not social media in your project?
The product:
 Sketches, mood boards for the presentation portfolio site, you are creating for
yourself as a semester project.
 Mock-up (created in fx photoshop) of your general idea for the design of your
 A prototype of your presentation portfolio/website. It is up to you whether you
want to create it in Flash, XHTML or based on an existing CMS system. At
least 5 pages.
Number of pages:
9 normal pages as a max. A normal page is 2.400 keystrokes (incl. spaces)
Deadline & counseling:
Counseling will take place in week 50 and 51.
Deadline Wedensday the 18 of december at 12.00. Create your own folder and write
the link on your reports front page – also put the URL for your portfolio on the front
Deliver Three copies of the report in print (and if you do not have your website on a
webhotel) 3 cd’s to Jette at the office no later than the 18 of December at 12.00.
When you arrive at exam according to exam-plan you will receive/draw a question.
Then you will have 30 minutes of preparation, where you prepare 5-7 minutes of
After your presentation there will be 13 minutes of questioning.
You must answer the questions based on your report and your product.
Teacher for councelling:
Vibeke Sandau (visa@easj.dk)