Video Assignment - Immune System

AP Biology Video Assignment: The Immune System
● Open the presentation.
● Watch the embedded video clips and move through the embedded content.
● Answer the “Questions to answer”.
● Make sure you understand the “Things you should make sure you understand”.
● View the “Supplementary Resources”.
● Write down any questions that you have about the material…and bring them to class to review!
Topic Presentation:
click here or website:
Supplementary Resources:
Videos by Paul Anderson:
“The Immune System”
“Plant and Animal Defenses”
“Cell Communication”
Questions to answer:
1. Why are defense systems needed in multicellular organisms?
2. Explain the physiological structures in vertebrates that serve each of the following defense purposes:
a. barriers
b. traps
c. elimination
d. non-specific patrolling cells
4. How is immunity acquired during a vertebrate’s life cycle?
5. Compare B-cells and T-cells.
6. How is it possible that functionally infinite variations of antibodies can be made from one set of genes?
7. Explain the role of Helper T-cells in the immune system.
Things you should make sure you understand:
The defenses of bacteria, plants, invertebrates and vertebrates.
The interplay between the vertebrate innate and adaptive immune systems.
The process of how a specific immune reaction is developed and how specific immune defenses function.
The causes, symptoms, and treatments of immune system disorders.
How and why vaccines work (and why they don’t always).