China Webquest

China Webquest
Directions: Go to following website.
Then click on list of links to answer the following questions on China.
1 What recent disputes has China been involved in with her neighbors?
2 How did China deal with earlier troubles with a neighbor to the north?
3 According to a fable, how do a person's life and dreams relate to each other?
4 What is China doing in Tibet that disturbs the Dalai Lama?
5 How did the Chinese of the Tang era prepare themselves for the afterlife?
6 How do Western and Chinese business people tend to view each other?
7 Why are some people asking you not to buy Chinese products?
8 Describe an event that occurred before World War II that shows why China might fear its neighbors.
9 What was the response of Taiwanese student organizations to China's missile tests near Taiwan in 1996?
10 What was Deng Xiaoping's defining motto and how does this relate to the changes he brought to China?
China Facts
Directions: Go to the following website and find the requested information on China.
Natural Resources
Government Type
Environmental Issues
National Holiday
Median Age
Current Chief of State
Population Growth
Ambassador to the US
Birth Rate
Death Rate
Unemployment Rate
Total Life Expectancy
Ethnic Groups
Current Account Balance
Literacy Rate