Core - Unicef UK

Section 1
Job Title
Digital Marketing Officer
Reporting to:
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Hub
Job Location
UNICEF House, London
9.30am-5.30pm (Monday-Friday) 35 hours
a week
G2 - £29,602 - £34,861 inclusive of
£1,994 Job Premium
Salary Band/Grade
Section 2
UNICEF UK is substantially building its digital capacity over the
coming years to enable it to achieve its long-term fundraising and
advocacy objectives. The two core objectives being:
 cost-effectively recruiting and keeping supporters
 effective management of emergency appeals
Purpose of Post
Deliver, directly and indirectly, ongoingon-going and/or campaign
driven digital marketing activities in pursuit of our core objectives.
Taking a lead on specific channels in order to identify opportunities
and , maximise ROI. and minimise duplication.
This post is one of two Digital Marketing Officers. Each Officer will
specialise and lead different channels but is expected to have allround depth of digital marketing and content marketing knowledge and
work on cross-discipline projects.
In line with the digital strategy, the Digital Marketing Officer is
also responsible for encouraging cross-organisational ownership of
digital by ensuring colleagues in non-digital teams are equipped and
supported to deliver efficient digital marketing.
The United Kingdom
Committee for
Company Limited by
Registered in
and Wales No:
No: 1072612
Lord Ashdown
Executive Director
David Bull
Section 4
Duties and Responsibilities
Planning and development
Deliver and maximise digital marketing activities in line with
the organisation’s core objectives and the overall digital
direction set by the Digital Marketing Manager and Head of
Digital Engagement.
Develop detailed strategies to ensure efficient use of the
specific marketing techniques you are the designated specialist
of, as well as clear roadmaps for delivery and implementation
across UNICEF UK.
Contribute to organisation-wide digital marketing plan(s), yearly
planning and budgeting marketing activities across teams.
Identify and propose new digital engagement opportunities, trends
and innovation that have potential to ensure UNICEF is reaching
all potential supporters and offers an engaging and seamless user
experience. Developing these opportunities where agreed.
Ensure involvement and consultation with users and other key
stakeholders when developing digital marketing, particularly
ensuring the use of online statistics and trends to inform
Manage day to day running of specific digital marketing channels
or digital projects using appropriate project management methods
to ensure efficient and timely outcomes.
Provide on-going consultancy and support to teams across the
organisation to ensure effective adoption of digital marketing
Produce and maintain digital marketing frameworks that empower
other teams to use techniques effectively (eg systems, tools,
guidelines, support, policies) based on input/trends from our
audiences, stakeholders and industry.
Create and deliver a programme of training to support other teams
to use techniques effectively
Working with the Analysis team and others, deliver testing,
analysis and optimisation as a standard part of digital marketing
Deliver regular reports on performance and development of digital
marketing or projects you are leading.
Humanitarian emergencies
Responsible for the implementation of digital marketing campaigns
in response to humanitarian emergencies. This requires the post
holder to be on call over some bank holidays and weekends.
Work in partnership with teams across the organisation to develop an
integrated, forward-looking, ambitious digital culture.
Ensure effective and appropriate communication of digital plans and
activities to members of the Committee and to relevant colleagues in
UNICEF International and other National Committees.
Keep up-to-date and advise on new digital marketing trends and
activity within the not-for-profit sector.
Carry out other duties as required and requested in keeping with the
wider needs of the team, particularly in emergencies and in order to
support a flexible team approach.
This role involves the post holder to work beyond the standard
working hours as and when required. This includes on call
periods over some bank holidays and weekends.
Section 5
The person specification describes specifically the traits, skills and experience that are needed
for the job. At UNICEF UK, the recruiting manager identifies behaviours and skills, chiefly, from
UNICEF UK’s Competency Framework. All criteria in the Person Specification are ‘essential’.
1. Personal Competencies
Competency Title
Ability to….
Supporter driven
Uses in-depth knowledge of supporters, the
market and the charity sector to predict future
trends that impact upon supporters and their
Drives self and others to achieve challenging
Come up with appropriate ideas for new products
and activities, and then implements them
Communication and
Effective written and verbal communication
skills to coach and influence non-digital
Taking responsibility
Thoroughly enjoys responsibility and seeks
responsible situations/positions. Experience of
developing policies, guidelines and training
Regularly and systematically benchmarks against
wide range of outside organisations to ensure
UNICEF UK is up there with the best
2. Relevant Experience
Experience of….
Planning and managing multi-layered marketing campaigns to achieve specific targets and
developing channel specific strategies
Practical application and up to date knowledge of digital marketing including email, multichannel
and contact marketing and SEO.
Project management skills
3. Specific Skills & Knowledge
Ability to…..
Optimise marketing campaigns using Google
Knowledge of….
Analytics and other reporting methods, using
reporting tools to segment audience and test
campaign variables