Terms of Reference

Division of Communication
Terms of Reference for Consultants and Contractors
Contract No:
1) Rationale and context of the assignment.
The Digital Engagement and Marketing Strategist is responsible for guiding the section in conceptualizing and
implementing engaging digital strategies, technologies and marketing approaches to increase and sustain
relationship-building and brand awareness with digital and social media communities.
The incumbent is responsible for guiding cross-sectional strategic engagement, both in platform and in
messaging, as well as planning and implementing a digital lifecycle approach, increasing engagement with
targeted brand advocates, influencers and strategic partners, in-line with the broader UNICEF digital and
social media strategy.
The incumbent will also project manage strategic engagement components of initiatives and campaigns,
encompassing full consolidation of strategy, marketing and implementation of all cross-divisional and crossdepartmental digital and social media engagement efforts.
2) Scope of Work:
 Develop and implement digital community engagement and marketing strategies in line with the Global
Communication Strategy, Digital Strategy and organizational priorities.
 Guide the Social Media and Engagement Section and Digital Strategy Section in the implementation of new
technologies used for sustained relationship building with online communities, including the use of CRM tools
and platforms applicable to both Headquarters and Country Office level communication efforts.
 Develop and implement the digital life-cycle approach that sustains long-term relationships with targeted brand
advocates, influencers, strategic partners and communities, in line with broader UNICEF digital and social
media efforts.
 Support in the implementation of activities related to social media communities to improve perception, visibility
and engagement with these target audiences.
 Lead in marketing strategy for long and short term digital and social media communication efforts.
 Guide in user data collection for email marketing efforts, including drafting strategy and implementation efforts
for sustained engagement.
 Support cross-sectional social and digital media engagement strategies and implementation.
3) Responsibilities:
 Draft, coordinate and implement digital lifecycle engagement and marketing strategies for brand advocates
and targeted influencers, starting at the onset/ideation phase.
 Establish on-going reporting to inform UNICEF of progress in the digital lifecycle engagement strategy.
 Develop a governance model that enables transparent collaboration and informs communication strategies
through real-time feedback from key audiences.
 Strategize communication efforts to better bridge digital and social media storytelling and cross-platform
 Establish and maintain a cross-sectional, and longer-term cross-organizational, content-sharing strategy for
input and distribution, including tool and process.
 Establish and co-manage an engagement platform/social constituency management system (social CRM) and
community management tools for UNICEF, devising long-term strategy, overseeing technical implementation,
and managing development budget and vendor/stakeholder relationships.
 Undertake cost/benefit and feasibility analysis of engagement technologies and tools and manage
relationships with technology providers and vendors.
 Liaise with UNICEF stakeholders to receive buy-in from other sections.
 Facilitate the integration of overall social and digital communication efforts internally to section, more broadly
to the division, and beyond to relevant UN departments, agencies, funds, programs and relevant stakeholders.
 Manage strategic partnerships with external vendors, including but not limited to: Buzzfeed, Upworthy,
Mashable, etc.
 Create partnerships with software/service providers and research groups.
 Provide guidance and leadership in creative and strategic communication initiatives for initiatives and
Support the social media editorial team to identify appropriate messaging and in moderation efforts.
Conduct trainings and learning sessions.
4) Tangible and measurable outputs/deliverables of work assignment (e.g. end products), delivery dates, and
Deadline for
Implement digital engagement and marketing strategies for
digital and social media communities
Amount payable
per deliverable
5) Duty Station: Consultant will work at the UNICEF offices in NYHQ
6) Travel: (if any during length of assignment) Travel will take place under UNICEF guidelines
7) Name of Supervisor of Contract and timeframes for reviewing milestones and performance:
Gerrit Beger, Senior Adviser, Social Media and Engagement Section, with support from Laetitia Pactat, Digital
Engagement Communication Specialist, Digital Strategy, DOC. Performance evaluated at the midway point and
again upon completion of contract.
8) Performance indicators for evaluation of results: (e.g. timeliness, value of services rendered in relation to their
costs, etc.)
Performance will be graded against timely completion of tasks set by management.
9) Qualifications or specialized knowledge/ experience required:
 6 years of experience in a CRM (or similar) role, with focus on consumer products.
 Implementation of mid- to large-scale development projects.
 Strong writing skills and experience with innovative reporting mechanisms.
 Strong awareness of social media communication and engagement behaviours.
 Demonstrated ability to engage and encourage an environment that is fast moving, entrepreneurial and
 Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, with continual focus process improvement.
 Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing and ability to present and communicate new
projects to a varied audience.
 Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
 Self-motivated with the ability to take direction and also work independently.
 Ability to work in a networked organization and to collaborate with various departments and teams, promoting
a respectful work environment while achieving results.
 Proven skills in communication, networking, strategic thinking, advocacy, negotiation, and ability to relate to a
young audience.
 Proven ability to conceptualize, plan and execute ideas as well as transfer knowledge and skills.
 Proven ability to coordinate online media hubs.
 Strong writing and communication skills and the aptitude to handle competing messages and priorities with
multiple audiences.
 Experience in reporting on qualitative and quantitative analytics.
 Training experience a plus.
 Master Degree in social science, international affairs, or communication.
10) Payment Terms:
UNICEF recourse in case of unsatisfactory performance:
Payment will only be made for work satisfactorily completed and accepted by UNICEF.
Section Chief