Internet Scavenger Hunt

Accounting Internet Scavenger Hunt
Use the following websites to find the answers to the questions below. Type your answers on a
MS Word document. Identify the website you found your information. Submit when finished.
Accounting Overview
 Define Accounting.
 List and describe six branches of accounting?
 Who is the “Father of Accounting?” When and what did he describe?
 What is GAAP? List and describe the 10 basic accounting principles.
 Who are the Big Four accounting firms? There use to be five; who was the fifth? What
happened to them?
Accounting Careers
 How many jobs did accountants and auditors hold in 2010?
 Where do most accountants work?
 On average, how many hours per week do accountants work?
 What type of education, licensure, and/or certification do you need to become an
 What are 5 important qualities necessary for accounting careers?
 What was the average salary for accountants in 2010?
 What is the expected growth rate of accountants through 2020?
 List 5 related occupations to Accounting that may interest you.
 Find 5 Colleges/Universities that offer a major in Accounting.