Chapters 13 & 14 Review Group Challenge
1. Define: Free-soiler
2. first territory to test out popular sovereignty
3. Dred Scott ruling
4. “Go west, young man, go west”
5. Two American massacres during the Texan Revolution.
6. Who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin?
7. Clay’s nickname
8. Douglas’ nickname
9. Calhoun was accused of being a southern _____ for being
so extreme.
10. Why did Pierce support the Gadsden Purchase?
11. The ____________ Manifesto was an American attempt to
gain ________________.
12. Define: manifest destiny
13. What initial proposal caused conflict, prompting the
Compromise of 1850 to be drafted.
14. This “war” involved U.S. and Britain over the northern
boundary of Maine.
15. Two main demographics who immigrated to America in
the 1840s and 1850s.
16. Zachary Taylor’s nickname
17. What incident proved that popular sovereignty failed?
18. Define: Doughface
19. This treaty settled boundary disputes of Maine and
Minnesota between America and Great Britain.
20. The year gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill.
21 Compromise of 1850 term 1
22 Compromise of 1850 term 2
23 Compromise of 1850 term 3
24 Compromise of 1850 term 4
25 Compromise of 1850 term 5
26. Popular general during Mexican-American War. Robert E.
Lee and William Sherman will fight under him.
27. The Triumvirate who pushed for the passage of the
Compromise of 1850 initially.
28. The name for the land acquired as a result of the MexicanAmerican War.
29. Years for the Mexican-American War
30. The man who divided the Compromise of 1850 into five
separate bills. What kind of bill was the Compromise of 1850?
31. Mexico’s dictator during the Texan Revolution.
32. Polk’s campaign slogan
33. The treaty that ended the Mexican-American War.
34. The diplomat who negotiated the treaty that ended the
Mexican-American War.
35. List two beliefs about the “Order of the Star Spangled
36. The two “dark horse” candidates in these chapters
37. _____________ wrote private journals which became a
two-volume _____________________. It was about how
things in the U.S. were more equal.
38. Define: empresarios
39. Why did Dred Scott believe he was free
40. This president vetoed his party’s bills multiple times. His
political party will refuse to run him in the election of 1844. (2
parts: man and the party)
41. Jedediah Smith blazed this trail.
42. This man coined the phrase “manifest destiny”
43. This main coined the phrase “popular sovereignty”
44. Chief Justice during Dred Scott
45. _____________ will become Texas’ president due to his
involvement with the Texan Revolution.
46. The official northern boundary of America’s claim to
Oregon. Why did Polk decide to settle?
47. Polk’s inaugural address- this quotation he made refers to
his goal for acquiring Oregon.
48. Texas will be admitted into the union in this year.
49. This American was snubbed. All he wanted to do was try
to persuade Mexico to sell the California and New Mexico
50. Identify the quotation: “American blood has been shed on
American soil”
51. Define: conscience Whig
52. This American man will lead a revolt in California.
53. Define: barnburners
54. Where was Lincoln when he asked Douglas this question:
“Can people of a territory exclude slavery by popular
55. This plan was a proposal to reestablish the Missouri
Compromise line and extend it westward to the Pacific coast.
Slavery would be prohibited north or the line and permitted
south of the line. Southerners in the Senate were willing to
accept this plan, but the compromise would have required the
northerners to abandon their most fundamental position-that
slavery should not be allowed to expand- and so they rejected
56. William Seward’s famous anti-slavery speech.
57. Define” personal liberty laws
58. Who believed that slavery was wrong because it hurt the
economy, especially in the South?
59. author of the Kansas-Nebraska Act
60. The two legislatures set up in Kansas:
_______________—pro slavery and ______________—
61 Who won the election of 1856?.
62. __________________ was caned by
__________________ for giving his “Crime Against Kansas”
speech. During this speech, he mocked _____________, the
cousin of the guy who eventually will cane him.
63. Identify this quotation: “A house divided against itself
cannot stand.”
64. Define: Wilmot Proviso
65. _______________Captured a federal arsenal at
___________ __________, VA for munitions, intended to arm
the slaves and to start a revolt
66. Constitutional Union Party candidate in the election of
67. The first state to secede from the Union.
68. Many southern states will secede from the Union and form
the _________________. The capital of this confederacy was
initially located in ___________.
69. The border states
70. The president of the Confederacy
71. What was John Brown’s plan at Harpers Ferry?
72. The Republican Party will form in opposition to this law.
73. The general who was sent south of the Nueces?
74. Why will the South secede from the USA?
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