Please answer TWO of the following essay questions

Please answer TWO of the following essay questions. (10 points each)
The 19th century witnessed Americans debating issues of regional balance of
power and slavery. Discuss the following: Missouri Compromise of 1820, the
Compromise of 1850, and the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854. What caused
each act to be created? What was each act intended to do? Did they reach
their goals? Why or why not?
Be specific with the following for EACH ACT
What caused it to be created?
What is was suppose to solve?
Did it solve the problem? Why or why not?
The Compromise of 1850 met considerable resistance before it passed
Congress. Compare and contrast the role each of the following men in the
Compromise of 1850: Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, John C. Calhoun, and
Stephen Douglas
Be specific with the following for EACH MAN
Political base
Position on the Compromise of 1850
Contribution to the Compromise of 1850
Discuss Judge B. Taney’s decision and its impact on the civil war.
Be specific with the following
Dred Scott (what was it about and what did it say)
Congressional Review
Popular sovereignty
Missouri Compromise
Freeport Doctrine
The Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1856 are among the most memorable in
American history. Explain why the debates were held, what positions each
candidate took, and the results.
Consider the following
Who the challenger was
How each candidate tried to portray his opponent
How each candidate viewed slavery and popular sovereignty
What each candidate gained from the debates
What did the Compromise of 1850 offer to people who supported slavery?
What did it offer to those who opposed it?
Consider the following
Popular sovereignty
Slavery (sale of slaves) in DC
Fugitive Slave Act
California’s admission to the Union
What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act designed to accomplish? What were
some of the intended and unintended results of its passage?
Consider the following
Details of the Kansas-Nebraska Act
Repeal of the Missouri Compromise
Popular sovereignty
“Bleeding Kansas”
breakup of old political parties
gulf b/w North and South
As Lincoln prepared to take over the presidency, what were his views on the
existence of slavery, the expansion of slavery, and racial equality?
Consider the following
Morality of slavery
Abolition v. expansion of slavery
Social & political equality of the races