Essay Questions

College History I
Chapter 18
Essay Questions
Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper.
1. What urgent issues created the crisis leading up to the Compromise of 1850? What were
the results of this compromise?
2. Why were proslavery southerners so eager to push for further expansion in Nicaragua, Cuba,
and elsewhere in the 1850’s?
3. What were the causes and results of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
Some terms and events you should become familiar with.
Southern “fire-eaters”
Free Soil Party
Underground Railroad
William H. Seward
Compromise of 1850
Franklin Pierce
Clayton-Bulware Treaty
Opening of Japan to democracy
Black Warrior incident
Gadsden Purchase
Election of 1848
California gold rush
Stephen A. Douglas
Millard Fillmore
Fugitive Slave Law of 1850
Election of 1852
Commodore Matthew Perry
Attempts to acquire Cuba
Ostend Manifesto
Kansas-Nebraska Act