Aluminum Atoms Lab Report Rubric

Aluminum Atoms Lab Report Rubric
Format – 4 points for the following:
Typed, neatly organized, sections separated and clearly titled, single-spaced with
size 12 font.
Purpose – 1 point
State the purpose of the experiment…what were you trying to accomplish and in
very general terms, how did you do it?
Procedure – 1 point
Your pre-lab assignment serves as a statement of procedure for your lab. You do
not need to re-write the procedure here…a simple statement of “See Prelab for
Procedure” is fine.
Data Table – 5 points
Formatted with gridlines for easy reading, the data you collected in the lab is
provided here with appropriate units and headings.
Data Analysis – 12 points
Show your calculations for the following as described in the lab handout:
1 – volume of your “block”
2 – volume of foil
3 – thickness of foil (in cm)
4 – thickness of foil (in atoms)
You must show all work in this section! Include a title (what is being
calculated?), a word equation (how do you calculate it?), and a numerical
equation. Every answer gets a unit!!!
Results / Discussion – 6 points
Provide a results table that summarizes all of the results that you found above.
This table will provide your calculated results only, not data you included in the
data table. In addition, you will answer question # 5 in this section.
Conclusion – 4 points
Your conclusion is a RESTATEMENT of your entire lab report in about 5
sentences. You should restate the purpose of the lab. Then summarize your
procedure in a sentence or two (NOT EVERY DETAIL…JUST A SUMMARY
OF METHODOLOGY). Next, you will summarize the results that you got that
actually answer the purpose (hint, if your objective was to determine the number
of atoms that could stack on top of each other to fit in the thickness of your foil,
does the volume of your block answer that question?). Finally, provide a
conclusion statement that ends the entire thing…”This result showed me that
there are a whole lot of atoms in the thickness of foil…no wonder they’re so
difficult to study!” or something else that shows me you achieved your objective.
Total Points for this Lab Report – 33 points