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English 3
What is a Foil?
A foil is a character who contrasts with another
character in order to highlight various features of that
other character's personality
How to Spot a Foil
A foil's complementary role may be emphasized by
physical characteristics.
Example: Fat v. Thin,Young v. Old, Tall v. Short, Handsome v. Ugly,
Logical v. Insane
The protagonist usually has a foil.
Popular foils include:
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Othello & Iago (From Othello)
God & Satan
Class Discussion
Give me examples of a foil in pop culture
The Crucible
Give me an example of a foil in The Crucible?
Foils in The Crucible
Elizabeth & Abigail
Elizabeth is loving and honest
Abigail is spiteful and dishonest
What is another difference between Elizabeth and Abigail?
Proctor & Hale
Both go through a major journey throughout the play, but in
different directions
Proctor goes from doubt to a place of truth
Hale starts out certain but ends by counseling others to lie to
save themselves from death
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