Who is Your Foil

Who is Your Foil?
Romeo and Juliet
English 9: Ames
A foil is a character who initially appears the same as another character, but
actually provides a striking contrast, or opposite, to that person. By using a
foil, a writer can call attention to certain traits possessed by a character. In
Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio serves as a foil to Romeo and Benvolio is a foil
to Tybalt. Can you think of any other character foils in the play?
 Can you think of anyone in real life who is a character foil to you?
Maybe it’s a friend or family member you know well, or maybe it’s a
celebrity who is your opposite.
 Please create a visual representation of your personal foil, complete
with a picture of each character and at least five character traits that
you and your foil have in common, as well as five traits that are
unique to each of you.
 Keep in mind that the similarities and differences should be based on
personality, not looks. Example: Do not say, “We are both
brunette”… instead say, “We both believe in staying active and are
extremely competitive.”
20 Points
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