Copy and use as needed:

Copy and use as needed:
Lee-Davis High School – continuously moving from good to Great!
Student Name______________ Student ID__________Date_________
Time of Early Dismissal_________ Reason_______________________
Time of Late Arrival____________ Reason_______________________
Dates of absence________________ Reason_______________________
Bus Pass___________ (bus number)
_____________________________________ ______________________
Parent Signature
Contact Phone Number
Parents, please remember that students must have your nogte prior to their early dismissal; it
must be turned in to the Attendance Office by 9:00 that day.
Once the note has been verified with you, the student will receive the pass. Last-minute phone
calls must be verified in writing by you signing the student out at the Attendance window.
Thank you for helping us ensure your student’s safety and success at LDHS.
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