7th Grade AVID Weekly Learning Log/Reflections

9th Grade AVID Weekly Learning Log/Reflections
To get the most of a class, one should write about what occurred, what was
learned, and what questions still exist. This type of writing is a great way to
prepare for exams, projects, and essays because it forces the student to use writing
as a means to discover and clarify ideas. This activity can also help with generating
questions for weekly tutorial sessions.
Use the following questions as a way to start reflecting:
What did I learn in class this week? How did I learn it?
What was especially interesting about class this week?
Is there something I want to know more about?
What questions do I have about what I learned?
What surprised me about the material?
How does this material connect to what I already know?
How I can use the information I learned this week?
Learning Log Expectations:
 Learning log entries should be written in blue or black ink.
 Learning log entries should be neat and legible.
 Learning log entries should be written in complete sentences and be as
grammatically correct as possible. Points will be deducted for errors in
capitalization, homophone usage, punctuation, and spelling.
 Learning logs may be typed (times new roman font, size 14).
 The learning log entry is a reflection of the entire week, and therefore should
be at least a paragraph long.
 It is not expected that students comment on every assignment or activity that
occurred during the week; entries should instead be focused and in-depth on
a small amount of information.
 Learning log entries should show that students are thinking about the
material being taught in classes.
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