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Part I
Answer the following questions about percent composition.
1. Find the percent composition of each element in the following
a. Al2(SO4)3
b. C6H8O6
2. Which of the following titanium containing minerals, rutile (TiO2) or
ilmenite (FeTiO3) has the larger percentage of titanium? Show your
work to prove your answer.
Part II
Using the following information find first the empirical formula of the
compound and then the molecular formula. Circle both the empirical and
molecular formulas.
3. Glycerol is a thick, sweet liquid obtained as a byproduct of the
manufacture of soap. Its percent composition is 39.12 % carbon, 8.75%
hydrogen, and 52.12% oxygen. The molar mass is 92.09 g/mol. What
is the molecular formula for glycerol?
4. Analysis of a compound containing chlorine and lead reveals that the
compound is 59.37% lead. The molar mass of the compound is 349.0
g/mol. What is the empirical and molecular formula of the compound?
5. Analysis of a chemical used in photographic developing fluid indicates
a chemical composition of 65.45% carbon, 5.45% hydrogen and 29.09%
oxygen. The molar mass is found to be 110 g/mol. What is the
molecular formula of the compound?