Chemistry Groupwork - Types of Reactions

Chemistry Homework – Molecular Formulas
1. Calculate the molecular formula of the compound whose molar mass is 60.0 g/mol and empirical formula
is CH4N.
2. Find the molecular formula of each compound given its empirical formula and molar mass.
a. Ethylene glycol (CH3O), used in antifreeze, molar mass = 62 g/mol
b. p-dichlorobenzene (C3H2Cl), mothballs, molar mass= 147 g/mol
3. Which pair of molecules has the same empirical formula?
a. C2H4O2 , C6H12O6
b. NaCrO4 , Na2Cr2O7
4. The compound methyl butanoate smells like apples. Its percent composition is 58.8% C, 9.8% H, and
31.4% O. Methyl butanoate’s molar mass is 102 g/mol. What is its molecular formula?
5. Which of the following molecular formulas are also empirical formulas? (Circle all that apply)
a. Ribose (C5H10O5)
b. Ethyl butyrate (C6H12O2)
c. DEET (C12H17ON)
Chemistry Homework – Molecular Formulas
6. Determine the molecular formula for each compound
a. 94.1% O and 5.9% H; molar mass= 34 g
b. 40.0% C, 6.6% H, and 53.4% O; molar mass= 120 g