Characteristics of Life

Characteristics of Life
What is Biology?
1. The study of living things (organisms)
2. The study of interactions of living things
3. _________________-life ____________________-study of
8 Characteristics of Life
Living Things are:
1. Made up of Cells
a) CELL: Collection of living material enclosed within a barrier
b) Cells are basic unit of life
c) _______________________________: made up of one cell
d) _______________________________: made up of many cells
Levels of Organization
*Cells have an orderly structure
*Ex: cells make up tissues,
tissues make up organs, and organs make up systems
2. Reproduce:
a) Produce off spring which resemble parents
b) _____________________ Reproduction: has only one parent
c) _____________________ Reproduction: requires two parents
3. Grow and Develop
a) ________________: increase in size and shape
b) ________________________: mature over time
c) Living things have a lifespan
4. Livings things are based on a universal genetic code
a) _____________- DeoxyriboNucleic Acid
b) _____________- RiboNucleic Acid
c) Determines inherited traits from parents
5. Use/Need Energy
a) Energy comes from food, used to maintain body
b) ____________________: produce their own food
c) ____________________: must consume food
6. Respond to their surroundings
a) They react to a ________________
b) An action causes a reaction
c) Reaction is called a ___________________
d) This involves one individual
7. Maintain a stable internal environment
a) ________________________- process by which organisms
maintain a relatively stable internal environment
EX: sweating, panting, shivering, etc
8. Evolve
a) Adapt to long-range changes in environment
b) Change to better survive in environment
c) these changes take place over a long period of time involving the entire species
Summary 3-4 Sentences:
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