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org of life and sci method questions

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Organization of Life
1. _____ Some human body cells are shown in the diagrams
These groups of cells represent different
(1) tissues in which similar cells function together
(2) organs that help to carry out a specific life activity
(3) systems that are responsible for a specific life activity
(4) organelles that carry out different functions
2. _____ The diagram below represents levels of organization in living things. Which term would best
represent X?
3. _____ The levels of organization for structure and function in the human body from least complex to
most complex are
(1) systems —> organs —> tissues —> cells
(2) cells —> organs —> tissues —> systems
(3) tissues —> systems —> cells —> organs
(4) cells —> tissues —> organs —> systems
4. _____ The group used as a standard for comparison when using the scientific method is the
(1) control group
(2) constant group
(3) test group
(4) experimental group
5. _____ Steps used by scientists to solve problems and uncover facts.
(1) Testing Method
(2) Scientific Method
(3) System Method
6. _____ The first step in the scientific process is
(1) conducting initial research
(2) collecting data
(4) Question Method
(3) drawing conclusions
(4) forming a scientific question
Why does an experiment require a control group?
Which variable is changed by the scientist?
Explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative data.
You notice that the bananas did not get ripe this week. You had put them in the fridge because it was
so hot out and wonder if that explains why. Design an experiment to test your idea. You must state
your hypothesis, the independent variable, the dependent variable and at least two variables you will