kontakt y – uczelnie brytyjskie

University of Aberdeen (A20)www.abdn.ac.uk
Aberdeen Collegewww.abcol.ac.uk
University of Abertay Dundee (A30)www.abertay.oc.uk
The University of Wales, Aberystwyth (A40)www.aber.ac.uk
The College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (A45)www.cafre.ac.uk
American InterContinental University – London (A50)www.aiulondonac.uk
Anglia Polytechnic University (A60)www.apu.ac.uk
Askham Bryan College (A70)www.askham-bryan.ac.uk
Aston University (A80)www.aston.ac.uk
University of Wales, Bangor (B06)www.bangor.ac.uk
Barking College (B11)www.barkingcollege.ac.uk
Barony College (B12)www.barony.ac.uk
University Centre Barnsley (B13)www.barnsley.ac.uk/higher_education
Basingstoke College of Technology (B15)www.bcot.ac.uk
University of Bath (B16)www.bath.ac.uk
Bath Spa University College (B20)www.bathspa.ac.uk
City of Bath College (B21)www.citybathcoll.ac.uk
Bedford College (B23)www.bedford.ac.uk
Bell College (B32)www.bell.ac.uk
Birkbeck, University of London www.bbk.ac.uk
The University of Birmingham (B32)www.bham.ac.uk
Birmingham College of Food, Tourism and Creative Studies (B35)www.bcftcs.ac.uk
Bishop Burton College (B37)www.bishopburton.ac.uk
Bishop Grosseteste College (B38)www.bdc.ac.uk
Blackburn College (B40)www.blackburn.ac.uk
Blackpool and The Fylde College (B41) www.blackpool.ac.uk
The University of Bolton (B44)www.bolton.ac.uk
Bournemouth University (B50)www.bournemouth.ac.uk
The Arts Institute At Bournemouth (B53)www.arts-inst-bournemouth.ac.uk
The University of Bradford (B56)www.bradford.ac.uk
Bradford College (B60)www.bradfordcollege.ac.uk
Bridgwater College (B70)www.bridgwater.ac.uk
University of Brighton (B72)www.brighton.ac.uk/enquiries
Brighton and Sussex Medical School (B74)www.bsms.ac.uk
City of Bristol College (B77)www.cityofbristol.ac.uk
University of Bristol (B78)www.bristol.ac.uk
Bristol Filton College (B79)www.filton.ac.uk
University of the West of England, Bristol (B80)www.uwe.ac.uk
British College of Osteopathic Medicine (B81)www.bcom.ac.uk
The British Institute in Paris (University of London) (B84) www.brunel.ac.uk
British School of Osteopathy (B87)www.bso.ac.uk
Brockenhurst College (B88)www.brock.ac.uk
Broxtowe College, Nottingham (B90)www.broxtowe.ac.uk
The University of Buckingham (B90)www.buckingham.ac.uk
Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College (B94)www.bcuc.ac.uk
Burton College (B95)www.burton-college.ac.uk
Buckswood St George’s (B98)www.stgeorgesengland.com
University of Cambridge (C05)www.cam.ac.uk
Canterbury Christ Church University College (C10)www.cant.ac.uk
Capel Manor College, Enfield Middlesex (C13)www.capel.ac.uk
Cardiff University (C15)www.cardiff.ac.uk
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (C20)www.uwic.ac.uk
Carmarthenshire College (C22)www.colegsirgar.ac.uk
Carshalton College (24)www.carshalton.ac.uk
Cavendish College www.cavendish.ac.uk
University of Central England in Birmingham (C25)www.uce.ac.uk
CECOS London College of IT and Management (C26)www.cecos.co.uk
University of Central Lancashire (C30)www.uclan.ac.uk
Central School of Speech and Drama (C35)www.cssd.ac.uk
Chesterfield College (C56)www.chesterfield.ac.uk
Chichester College (C57)www.chichester.ac.uk
University College Chichester (C58) www.ucc.ac.uk
City University (C60)www.city.ac.uk
City College, Birmingham (C62)www.citycol.ac.uk
City of Bristol College (C63)www.cityofbristol.ac.uk
City College Coventry (C64)www.covcollege.ac.uk
City and Islington College (C65)www.candi.ac.uk
City College Manchester(C66)www.ccm.ac.uk
City of Sunderland College (C69)www.citysun.ac.uk
Cleveland College of Art and Design (C71)www.ccad.ac.uk
Cliff College (C72)www.cliffcollege.org
Colchester Institute (C75)www.colchester.ac.uk
Cornwall College (C78)www.cornwall.ac.uk
Courtauld Institute of Art (University of London) (C80)www.courtauld.ac.uk
Coventry University (C85)www.coventry.ac.uk
Craven College (C88)www.craven-college.ac.uk
Croydon College (C92)www.croydon.ac.uk
Cumbria Institute of The Arts (C95)www.cumbria.ac.uk
Dartington College of Arts (D13)www.dartington.ac.uk
Dearne Valley College (D22)www.dearne-coll.ac.uk
De Montfort University (D26)www.dmu.ac.uk
University of Derby (D39)www.derby.ac.uk
Dewsbury College (D45)www.dewsbury.ac.uk
Doncaster College (D52)www.don.ac.uk.
Duchy College (D55)www.duchy.ac.uk
Dudley College of Technology (D58)www.dudleycol.ac.uk
University of Dundee (D65)www.dundee.ac.uk
Dunstable College (D70)www.dunstable.ac.uk
The University of Durham (D86)www.dur.ac.uk
Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College (E10)www.westlondoncollege.ac.uk
University of East Anglia (E14)www.uea.ac.uk
University of East London (E28)www.uel.ac.uk
East Riding Collegewww.eastridingcollege.ac.uk
East Surrey College (E32)www.esc.ac.uk
Edge Hill College of Higher Education (E42)www.edgehill.ac.uk
The University of Edinburgh (E56)www.ed.ac.uk/studying/undergraduate
Edinburgh College of Art (E58)www.eca.ac.uk
The University of Essex (E70)www.essex.ac.uk
European Business School, London (E77)www.ebslondon.ac.uk
European School of Osteopathy (E80)www.eso.ac.uk
Exeter College (E81)www.exe-coll.ac.uk
University of Exeter (E84)www.ex.ac.uk
University College Falmouth (F33)www.falmouth.ac.uk
Fareham College (F50)www.fareham.ac.uk
Farnborough College of Technology www.farn-ct.ac.uk
University of Glamorgan (G14)www.glam.ac.uk
Glamorgan Centre for Art and Design Technology (G20)www.gcadt.ac.uk
University of Glasgow (G28)www.gla.ac.uk
Glasgow Caledonian University (G42)www.caledonian.ac.uk
The Glasgow School of Art (G43)www.gsa.ac.uk
Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology (G45)www.gloscat.ac.uk
University of Gloucestershire (G50)www.glos.ac.uk
Goldsmiths College, University of London (G56)www.goldsmiths.ac.uk
Great Yarmouth College (G64)www.gyc.ac.uk
University of Greenwich (G70)www.gre.ac.uk
Greenwich School of Management (G74)www.greenwich-college.ac.uk
Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education (G80)www.grimsby.ac.uk
Guildford College of Further and Higher Education (G90)www.guildford.ac.uk
Harlow College (M80)www.harlow-college.ac.uk
Halton College (H06)www.haltoncollege.ac.uk
Harper Adams University College (H12)www.harper-adams.ac.uk
Hastings College of Arts and Technologywww.hastings.ac.uk
Havering College of Further and Higher Education (H14)www.havering-college.ac.uk
Herefordshire College of Art and Design (H18)www.hereford-art-col.ac.uk
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (H24)www.hw.ac.uk
University of Hertfordshire (H36)www.herts.ac.uk
Hertford Regional College (H37) www.hertreg.ac.uk
Highbury College (H39)www.highbury.ac.uk
Heythrop College (University of London) (H48)www.heythrop.ac.uk
UHI Millennium Institute (H49)www.uhi.ac.uk
Holborn College (H50)www.holborncollege.ac.uk
Hopwood Hall College (H54)www.hopwood.ac.uk
Huddersfield Technical College (H58)www.huddcol.ac.uk
University of Huddersfield (H60)www.hud.ac.uk
The University of Hull (H72)www.hull.ac.uk
Hull College (H73)www.hull-college.ac.uk
Hull York Medical School (H75)www.hyms.ac.uk
Huron University USA in Londonwww.huron.ac.uk
Imperial College London (University of London) (I50)www.ic.ac.uk
Institution of Chemical Engineerswww.icheme.ac.uk
Keele University (K12)www.keele.ac.uk
University of Kent (K24)www.kent.ac.uk
Kent Institute of Art and Design (K36)www.klad.ac.uk
King’s College London (University of London) (K60)www.kcl.ac.uk
Kingston University (K84)www.kingston.ac.uk
Lakes College – West Cumbria (L05)www.lakescollegewestcumbria.ac.uk
The University of Wales, Lampeter (L07)www.lamp.ac.uk
Lancaster University (L14)www.lancs.ac.uk
Lansdowne College (L20)www.landsdownecollege.com
Leeds: Park Lane College (L21)www.parklanecoll.ac.uk
Leeds: Thomas Danby College (L22)www.thomasdanby.ac.uk
University of Leeds (L23)www.leeds.ac.uk
Leeds Trinity & All Saints (L24)www.tasc.ac.uk
Leeds Matropolitan University (L27)www.lmu.ac.uk
Leeds College of Art & Design (L28)www.leeds-art.ac.uk
Leeds College of Music (L30)www.lcm.ac.uk
University of Leicester (L34)www.le.ac.uk
Leicester College (L36)www.leicestercollege.ac.uk
Leo Baeck College – Centre for Jewish Education (L38)www.lbc.ac.uk
University of Loncoln (L39)www.lincoln.ac.uk
Lewisham College (L40)www.lewisham.ac.uk
The University of Liverpool (L41)www.liv.ac.uk
Lincoln College (L42)www.lincolncollege.ac.uk
Liverpool Community College (l43)www.liv-coll.ac.uk
Liverpool Hope University College (L46)www.hope.ac.uk
The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (L48)www.lipa.ac.uk
Liverpool John Moores University (L51)www.ljmu.ac.uk
Coleg Llandrillo Cymru (L53)www.llandrillo.ac.uk
University of the Arts Londonwww.arts.ac.uk
London Centre for Fashion Studieswww.fashionstudies.com
London College of International Business Studieswww.lcibs.org
London Metropolitan University (L68)www.londonmet.ac.uk
London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London) (L72)www.lse.ac.uk
London South Bank University (L75)www.lsbu.ac.uk
Loughborough College (l77) www.loucoll.ac.uk
Loughborough University (L79)www.lboro.ac.uk
Lowestoft College (L82)www.lowestoft.ac.uk
University of Luton (L93)www.luton.ac.uk
Manchester College of Arts and Technology (M10)www.mancat.ac.uk
The University of Manchester (M20)www.manchester.ac.uk
The Manchester Metropolitan University (M40)www.mmu.ac.uk
Marjon – The College of St Mark & St John (M50)www.marjon.ac,uk
Matthew Boulton College of Further and Higher Education (M60)www.matthew-boulton.ac.uk
Medway School of Pharmacy (M62)www.gre.ac.uk
Coleg Menai (M65)www.menai.ac.uk
Mid-Cheshire College (M77)www.midchesh.ac.uk
Middlesex University (M80)www.mdx.ac.uk
Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts (M95)www.mountview.org.uk
Myerscough College (M99)www.myerscough.ac.uk
Napier University, Edinburgh (N07)www.napier.ac.uk
Neath Port Talbot College (N13)www.nptc.ac.uk
University of Newcastle upon Tyne (N21)www.ncl.ac.uk
Newcastle College (N23)www.ncl-coll.ac.uk
New College Durham (N28)www.newdur.ac.uk
New College Nottingham (N30)www.ncn.ac.uk
Newham College of Further Education (N31)www.newhamcfe.ac.uk
Newman College of Higher Education (N36)www.newman.ac.uk
University College Northampton (N38)www.northampton.ac.uk
University of Wales, Newport (N37)www.newport.ac.uk
The Norwich School of Art and Design (N39)www.nsad.ac.uk
Northbrook College Sussexwww.northbrook.ac.uk
NESCOT (N49)www.nescot.ac.uk
The North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (N56)www.newi.ac.uk
North East Worcestershire College (N58)www.ne-worcs.ac.uk
North Lindsey College (N64)www.northlindsey.ac.uk
North Trafford Collegewww.northtrafford.ac.uk
Northumbria University (N77)www.unn.ac.uk
Northumberland College (N78)www.northland.ac.uk
North Warwickshire and Hinckley College (N79)www.nwarks-hinckley.ac.uk
Norwich City College of Further and Higher Education (N82) www.ccn.ac.uk
The University of Nottingham www.nottingham.ac.uk
The Nottingham Trent University (N91) www.ntu.ac.uk
The Oldham College (O10) www.oldham.ac.uk
The Open University www.open.ac.uk
Oxford and Cherwell College (O25)www.oxford-cherwell.ac.uk
Oxford University www.admissions.ox.ac.uk
Oxford Brookes University www.brookes.ac.uk
University of Paisley (P20) www.paisley.ac.uk
Pembrokeshire College (P35) www.pembrokshire.ac.uk
Peninsula Medical School (P37) www.pms.ac.uk
The People’s College Nottingham (P40) www.peoples.ac.uk
Pershore Group of Colleges (P50) www.pershore.ac.uk
Peterborough Regional College (P55) www.peterborough.ac.uk
University of Plymouth (P60) www.plymouth.ac.uk
Plymouth College of Art and Design (P80) www.pcad.ac.uk
University of Portsmouth (P80) www.port.ac.uk
Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh (Q50) www.qmuc.ac.uk
Queen Mary, University of London (Q50) www.qmul.ac.uk
Queen’s University Belfast (Q75) www.qub.ac.uk
Ravenbourne College of Design and Communication (R06)
The University of Reading (R12) www.rdg.ac.uk
Regents Business School London (R18) www.RBSLondon.ac.uk
Richmond, the American International University in London (R20) www.richmond.ac.uk
The Robert Gordon University (R36) www.rgu.ac.uk
Rodbaston College www.rodbuston.ac.uk
Roehampton University of Surrey (R48) www.roehampton.ac.uk
Rose Bruford College (R51) www.bruford.ac.uk
Rotherham College of Arts and Technology (R52) www.rotherham.ac.uk
The Royal Academy of Engineering www.raeng.org.uk
Royal Agricultural College (R54) www.royagcol.ac.uk
The Academy of Dance (R55) www.rad.org.uk
Royal College of Music (R56) www.rcm.ac.uk
Royal Northern College of Music (R57) www.rncm.ac.uk
Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (R58) www.rsamd.ac.uk
Royal Holloway, University of London (R72) www.rhul.ac.uk
Royal Veterinary College (University of London) (R84) www.rvc.ac.uk
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (Coleg Brenhinol Cerdd A Drama Cymru) (R86) www.wcmd.ac.uk
Ruskin College Oxford (R90) www.ruskin.ac.uk
Scottish Agricultural College (S01) www.sac.ac.uk/education
The University of Salford (S03) www.salford.ac.uk
SAE Institute (S05)
Salisbury College (S07) www.salcol.ac.uk
Sandwell College (S08) www.sandwell.ac.uk
School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) (S09) www.soas.ac.uk
The School of Pharmacy (University of London) (S12) www.ulsop.ac.uk
The University of Sheffield (S18) www.sheffield.ac.uk
Sheffield Hallam University (S21) www.shu.ac.uk
Sheffield College (S22) www.sheffcol.ac.uk
Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology (S23) www.shrewsbury.ac.uk
St Martin’s College, Lancaster; Ambleside; Carlisle; London (S24) www.ucsm.ac.uk
Solihull College (S26) www.solihull.ac.uk
University of Southampton (S27) www.soton.ac.uk
Somerset College of Arts and Technology (S28) www.somerset.ac.uk
South Birmingham College (S29) www.sbirmc.ac.uk
Southampton Institute (S30) www.solent.ac.uk
South Devon College (S32) www.southdevon.ac.uk
Sparsholt College Hampshire www.sparsholt.ac.uk
Southport College (S34) www.southport.ac.uk
University of St Andrews (S36) www.st-and.ac.uk
Southwark College (S38) www.southwark.ac.uk
South Cheshire College (S41) www.s-cheshire.ac.uk
South Downs College (S42) www.southdowns.ac.uk
South East Essex College (S43) www.southend.ac.uk
South Nottingham College (S46) www.south-nottingham.ac.uk
South Trafford College (S47) www.sfcoll.ac.uk
South Leicestershire College (S48) www.slcollege.ac.uk
St Georges’s Hospital Medical School (University of London) (S49) www.sgul.ac.uk
South Thames College (S50) www.south-thames.ac.uk
St Helens College (S51) www.sthelens.ac.uk
St Mary’s College (S64) www.smuc.ac.uk
Stamford College (S68) www.stamford.ac.uk
Stephenson College Coalville (S69) www.stephensoncoll.ac.uk
Stafford College www.staffordcoll.ac.uk
Staffordshire University (S72) www.staffs.ac.uk
Staffordshire University Regional Federation (S73) www.staffs.ac.uk
Stratford-upon-Avon College (S74) www.stratford.ac.uk
The University of Stirling (S75) www.stir.ac.uk
Stockport College of Further & Higher Education (S76) www.stockport.ac.uk
Stourbridge College (S77) www.stourbridge.ac.uk
The University of Strathclyde (S78) www.strath.ac.uk
Stranmillis University College: a College of Queen’s University Belfast (S79)www.stran.ac.uk
Strode College (S80)
Suffolk College (S81) www.suffolk.ac.uk
University of Sunderland (S84) www.sunderland.ac.uk
University of Surrey (S85) www.surrey.ac.uk
The Surrey Institute of Art and Design, University College (S88) www.surrart.ac.uk
University of Sussex (S90) www.sussex.ac.uk
Sutton Coldfield College (S91) www.sutcol.ac.uk
University of Wales Swansea (S93) www.swansea.ac.uk
Swansea College (S94) www.swancol.ac.uk
Swansea Institute of Higher Education (S96) www.sihe.ac.uk
Swindon College (S98) www.swindon-college.ac.uk
Tameside College (T10) www.tameside.ac.uk
University of Teesside (T20) www.tees.ac.uk
Thames Valley University (T40) www.tvu.ac.uk
Totton College (T65) www.totton.ac.uk
Trinity College of Music (T75)
Trinity College Carmarthen (T80) www.trinity-cm.ac.uk
Truro College www.trurocollege.ac.uk
Tyne Metropolitan College (T90)
University of Ulster (U20) www.ulster.ac.uk
University College London (University of London) (U80) www.ucl.ac.uk
Uxbridge College (U95) www.uxbridgecollege.ac.uk
Wakefield College (W08) www.wakcoll.ac.uk
Walsall College of Arts and Technology (W12) www.walcat.ac.uk
Warrington Collegiate Institute (W17) www.warr.ac.uk
The University of Warwick (W20) www.warwick.ac.uk
Warwickshire College, Royal Leamington Spa, Rugby and Moreton Morrell (W25) www.warkscol.ac.uk
Welsh College of Horticulture (W29) www.wcoh.ac.uk
College of West Anglia (W35) www.col-westanglia.ac.uk
West Cheshire College (W36) www.west-cheshire.ac.uk
West Herts College,Watford www.westherts.ac.uk
Weston College (W47) www.weston.ac.uk
University of Westminster (W50) www.wmin.ac.uk
Westminster Kingsway College (W52) www.westminster-cfe.ac.uk
West Suffolk College, a partner college of APU (W60) www.westsuffolk.ac.uk/he
West Thames College (W65) www.west-thames.ac.uk
Weymouth College (W66) www.weymouth.ac.uk
Wigan and Leigh College (W67) www.widan-leigh.ac.uk
Wimbledon School of Art (W69) www.wimbledon.ac.uk
University College Winchester www.winchester.ac.uk
Wirral Metropolitan College (W73) www.wmc.ac.uk
Wiltshire College (W74) www.wiltscoll.ac.uk
University of Wolverhampton (W75) www.wlv.ac.uk
University College Worcester www.worc.ac.uk/worcs.html
Worcester College of Technology (W81) www.wortech.ac.uk
Writtle College (W85) www.writtle.ac.uk
The University of York (Y70) www.york.ac.uk
York College (Y70) www.yorkcollege.ac.uk
York St John College (Y75) www.yorksj.ac.uk
Yorkshire Coast College of Further and Higher Education (Y80) www.ycoastco.ac.uk
Ystrad Mynach College (Y90) www.ystrad-mynach.ac.uk