Albert Einstein by Eloise

THE life of Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein was born in Ulm Württemberg Germany on March
14th 1879. Six months after his birth the family moved to Munich
where in later life he started his schooling.
When Albert was young he was not taken to be a genius as he did
not speak until he was about 3 years old.
Albert attended a catholic school until he was 15. He then joined
his parents in Italy before moving to Switzerland where he
finished his high school education.
He then attended the Swiss federal institute of technology to be
trained in physics and mathematics in 1896. He graduated with a
teaching degree but was unable to find a job. Finally he got one at
the Swiss patent office in 1902. He worked there for several years.
Meanwhile he married an old classmate in 1902, Meleva Maric,
although his parents disapproved.
In 1905 Einstein published 5 papers in the German yearbook of
physics, one of which was explaining how different particles could
be suspended in liquid. Albert was also famous for the theory
E=mc2, the theory of light and he helped prove atoms were real.
He also became famous for the theory of relativity, which laid the
basis for atomic energy.
Later he divorced with Meleva and in the same year married his
cousin Elsa Lowenthal, she died in 1936 and he died on the 18th of
April 1955!
By Eloise