Question Round

Question Round
When milk is churned than cream
is separated due to which force?
Centrifugal force
Which chemical compound was
first synthesized in the laboratory?
Which chemical is added to
LPG for detectable smell?
Ethyl mercaptan
Which law states that ‘the farther
the galaxy is from us, the greater
is its speed of recession’?
Hubble’s Law
In which year was
Sir C V Raman awarded the
Nobel Prize in Physics?
The temperature at which the
same value on both the centigrade
and the Fahrenheit scales exists is :
- 40
Name the famous astronomer
who proved that sun is stationary
at the centre of the solar system?
Nicholas Copernicus
Name the hormone other than
insulin secreted by Pancreas?
Quinine is obtained from the
bark of which tree?
Who wrote the book "The
Origin of Species"?
Charles Darwin
For what contribution did
Albert Einstein receive the
Nobel Prize in 1929?
The Photoelectric law
(not theory of relativity)
What is the maximum number
of milk teeth in children?
What is the total number of
hotspots in world?
Who said “I don’t teach my
children, I create situations
for them”?
Albert Einstein
A bacterial cell divides every
minute and they fill a cup in
one hour. How much time will
they take to fill the cup half?
59 minutes
In which year first Nobel Prize
in Physics was awarded ?
What is full form of DDT ?