MOSFET Summary

MOSFET Summary
A very nice summary of MOSFET behavior (from the
University of Waterloo, Canada) appeared on the Internet
at the following site:
- Dec 3, 2004
You would find much of it useful as you review for the
final in EE 40. Note the following suggestions:
1. On Slide 5 the last line is incorrect: on an NMOS
transistor the substrate is usually connected to the
ground (the source), and on a PMOS transistor it is
usually connected to the positive bias voltage (the
source, at potential VDD).
2. The author uses in the ID equations multipliers K’n =
nCox and Kn = K’nW/L, as does Rabaey et al. (see
Eq. 3.25).
3. You may ignore the channel length modulation factor
 introduced on Slide 13.
4. Slides 14-18 give you another look at the
capacitances that affect propagation delay (the author
may use slightly different symbols but the message is
the same as ours).
5. You may ignore Slides 19-27.
6. Transistor scaling is discussed in Slides 28-30; we’ll
probably touch on this subject in class.