Advice on academic style in writing

Advice on academic style in writing
A very useful website giving clear advice and practice materials on the
6 key features of academic style is provided by Andy Gillet of the
University of Hertfordshire
A set of concise printable guides produced by the University of Hull on
the main feature
Clear information from Glasgow Caledonian University on small things
that make a big difference in academic writing.
A series of podcasts on critical thinking and writing developed by the
University of Leeds
A useful briefing on how academic writing is different from high school
writing from Dartmouth University
A bank of useful phrases to use in introductions, conclusions by John
Morley at Manchester University
The Academic Word List was developed by Averil Coxhead It contains
the 570 most commonly found headwords in written academic
A profiling tool created by Tom Cobb that identifies how much
academic vocabulary is in writing. You can copy and paste your work in
and see how it does!
The Writing Machine created by the University of Hong Kong it has six
sections to work through to learn about academic writing
Brunel University provides a list of comprehensive books on academic