Curriculum Vitae

Yannis Koutsouradis, (Athens)
Certificate, Research on Sculpture
Rietveld Academy of art & Design, after Invitation by the academy rector, professor Rene van der
Land, Amsterdam 1989 – 92
Diploma, ADV Sculpture
St Martin’s / Central Schools of Arts and Design, in conjunction to the Royal College of Art, London,
Professor Alan Gauk, 1987- 88
Certificate, Sculpture
Camberwell School of Art and Crafts, Professors Paul de Monchaux, Michael Calaway, London, 1975
Diploma, Sculpture
Athens School of Fine Arts, Professor Yannis Pappas, 1969 – 75
Diploma, Practical and Theoretical Studies, qualification for teaching
Athens School of Fine Arts, Professors Pantelis Prevelakis, Paul Mylonas, a. o., 1969 – 75
Yannis Metsis School of Dance, classes of Martha Graham / Marie Rambert, Athens, 1971 -74
Drawing Classes
By sculptor George Tsapelas, Chios Island, GR, 1967
Klimens School for Radio Electronics, 1964 – 67, was coinciding the six-year of High School
education at sculptors’ native Chios Island, GR
Awarded Medal for contributing to culture. West Attica Prefecture, Athens, 2005
Award and prize money by the Netherlands / Drenthe, Open – Air Sculpture Commission, 2000
Appointed Associate Member to the Institute of Vitreous Enamellers of Great Britain, 1998
Award by the Greek National Scholarship Foundation, Research project for Amsterdam, NL, 1989
First ever Award / Scholarship to a Greek Sculptor for Master of Arts in Britain by the British Council
/ Fellow Member, 1987
Praise for Accomplishments, Hellenic Club of Writers, 1983
Award by the Greek-English Ship-owners Association in Britain for post-graduate studies in London,
Four Praises: ’71, ’73, ’74, ’75, and a 4 year State Student Scholarship by the Athens School of Fine
1993 NL Amersfoort, at Dutch Enamellers Association, ‘Coloured Metal Sculpture and Enamel‘
26-07-1992 GR Chios, Kardamyla, Municipal Hall, ‘Ancient Pioneers – Contemporary Sculpture’
05-10-1991 GR Chios, Homerion Centre of the Arts, ‘Introduction about the art applications by using
Chian Mastic’
May 1989 GR Attica, Skironio Museum, Participation at Internatonal Sculpture Symposium with the
sculpture 'Shell - Arch’
03-04-1989 GR Athens, British Council, ‘Vitreous Enamel on Steel – New Sculpture’.
19-11-1987 GB London, Saint Martin’s School of Art & Design, ‘Ancient Innovations / Contemporary
29-05-1987 GR Attica, Skironio Museum, International Symposium: Sculpture + Colour, ‘Theorem on
Open-Air Sculpture’
25-05-1987 GR Megara, Skironio Museum, Open-Air Amphitheatre, ‘Ancient Sculpture Workshops in
the Aegean’
08-05-1985 GR Athens, Greek Sculptor’s Centre / Italian Institute of Archaeology, ‘Ancient Chian
Koutsouradis has published in Greek the book ''Important Essays on Contemporary Art''. It includes
20th century artists’ writings, among others by Henry Moore and Piet Mondriaan. They are selected
and translated into Greek by the sculptor during the twenty-eight months period of his military service
in Greece. Koutsouradis was professor for drawing at the Athens Pre-University Education.
Simultaneously he was preparing candidate students for the Athens School of Fine Arts through
drawing classes.
Today, besides writing he is publishing topics for the media as a cultural journalist with an accent on
Works in Bronze integrated to Architecture, Presidential Suits, Metropolitan Hotel, Athens, GR
Relief in bronze integrated to Architecture, T. S. Private Collection, Myrina, Lemnos, GR
Painting specific to Architecture, A. S. Private collection Myrina, Lemnos Island, GR
Open-air Sea Sculpture Project in Steel & Vitreous Enamel on top deck of Cruise Vessel ‘Mercury’,
Open-air Sea Sculpture Project in Steel & Vitreous Enamel on top deck of Cruise Vessel ‘Galaxy’,
The Golden Key of the City as Medal / Sculpture for the municipality of Chios, GR
Open-air Sea Sculpture Project, Steel & Vitreous Enamel, on top deck of Cruise Vessel ‘Century’,
Fountain design and Water Sculpture, Dassia Hotels & Resorts, Corfu Island, GR
Relief project integrated to architecture; ‘The Wave’ in bronze and plaster, Dassia Hotels & Resorts,
Corfu Island, GR
Sculpture ‘The Amsterdam Form’, Steel & Vitreous Enamel, F. v. H. Collection, Amsterdam, NL
Sculpture ‘the Arch’, Fibber Glass + Polyester, Open Air Sculpture Museum Skironio, Athens GR
The National Resistance II WW Memorial. Gilded Bronze & Solid marble. platform and landscape
design also by the sculptor. Harbour of Chios Island, GR
Tombs in marble - bronze – concrete, in cooperation with town / regional planner Dimitris
Spiliopoulos. Vrachati, Corinthia – Peloponissos, GR
Relief in bronze integrated to Architecture, P. S. Collection, Athens
Memorial for the II WW Allied Forces, Sfakia harbour, Island of Crete, GR
All works are cast in bronze, otherwise is stated as marble
Prime Minister Constantine Kanaris, Maritime Museum, Piraeus, GR
Lawyer William J. Floor, Private collection, Amsterdam NL
Bishop Joachim Stroubis, Thimiana, Chios, GR
Ronald Anker, Private collection, Amsterdam, NL
Benefactor Eleftherios Veniamis, G. U. Head Office, Piraeus
Mayor Constantine Spanos, Kardamyla, Chios
Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Constantine Valiadis, Vessa, Chios
Poet Dimitris Stambolos, Chios
Veterinary Yannis Karibalis, in marble, Aspropirgos, Athens
Poet Alexandos Veritis - Gialas, Mesta, Chios
General George Vorrias, Municipal Gardens, Chios
Benefactor Christos Melis, Kardamila, Chios
Chieftain Chatziantonis Bournias, Pirama, Chios
Benefactor Diamandis Frangos, Kardamila, Chios
Benefactor Constantine Karras, Kardamila, Chios
Lieutenant Victor Bilirakis, Vouno, Chios
Olympic Games Champion Disc-Thrower Nicolaos Syllas, capital of Chios
School Master George Madias, in marble, capital of Chios
Revolutions’ 1821 Hero K. Monoyos, Monastery of Agios Minas, Chios
School Master Athanasios Argianas, Athens
Admiral Dimitrios Papanicolis, Psara Island
Patron Michael Xylas, marble, private collection, Athens
General Constantine Polizonis, Varia, Mitilini Island
Revolution’s 1821 fire-raiser Constantine Nokodimos, Psara Island
Doctor Char. Pipilis, A. Figalia, Ilia, Peloponnesus
Admiral Nicolas Apostolis, Psara Island
Proffessor Theodora Alexiadis – Koutsouradis and Constantine, parents of the sculptor, private
Lieutenant Alexandrer Diakos, Konitsa, Ioannina
Sergent Dimitris Itsios, Ano Porroia, Serres
Soldier Stefanos Gavras, Cheimaros, Serres
General Charalabos Katsimitros, Kalpaki, Ioannina
Lieutenant Eleftherios Daskas, Eptachori, Castoria
Yannis Koutsouradis, (Athens)
NL, Amsterdam, Public Library Staatsliedenbuurt, ‘Transformation of Older Sculptures’
NL Amsterdam, Schreirstoren, Presentation of the 41st Bronze Sculpture Portrait of R. A. made by Y.
GR West Attica Prefecture, Thriassia ‘05, Sculpture / Painting
NL Amsterdam, Open Studios & Central Exhibition at International Culture Park Westerpark
NL, Amsterdam, Central Public Library, Sculpture for the Olympic Games ’04: ‘The 13th Labour of
NL Amsterdam, Library Buitenveldert, ‘Made in Greece’, Small bronzes
GR, Athens, Gallery “Metopi” - Sculpture
GR Tinos Island, Gallery 'Anemos', Hotel Porto-Tango
NL, Rotterdam, Gallery ‘Serruys’, Sculpture
GR Athens, ADAM Galleries, Koukos – Koutsouradis -Tzanoulinos
NL Zaandam / Den Ilp, Gallery ‘Uhm’
GR Chios, Homerion Centre of Arts, 'Ara Marmorea Magna - The Pergamon Project', X-11.
(X-# indicates the serial number of sculptors' one-man shows at Chios Island).
NL Amsterdam, Gallery Wester-Amstel / Buitenveldert
NL Drenthe, Hoogeveen, Museum 5000 Morgen / Theater de Tamboer, Sculpture
GR Chios, Kardamyla, Municipal Exhibition Hall, Sculpture, X-10
GR Chios, Homerion Centre of Arts, in conjunction to Annual Columbus Congress, X-9
NL Amsterdam, Research Centre for Mathematics & Information (D) CWI
NL Doorn, Gallery ‘Nieuwe Weg’, Tactile Sculpture for the Blind
NL Amsterdam, Gallery d’ Eglantier / Greek Tourist Organization
England, London, St Martin’s School of Art & Design, ‘The Parthenon Drawings’
GR Athens, Gallery ‘Zygos’, ‘A Song for the Sea’, 40 Sculptures in Bronze, and Aquarelles
Cyprus, Nicosia, Gallery Gloria, 30 Sculptures in Bronze
GR Chios, Homerion Centre of Arts, 200 Drawings and Maquettes for the IIWW Resistance Memorial,
GR Kifissia, Natural History Museum Goulandris, Sculpture
GR Chios, Homerion Centre for Arts, 35 Works in Bronze, X-7
GR Attika, Ag, Paraskevi Municipal Art Centre
GR Chios, Municipal Exhibition Hall & Filotechnikos Cultural Association, X-6
GR Chios, Art Centre (GR) P.E.KE.B., X-5
GR Chios, Homerion Centre of Arts, X-4
GR Chios, Art Centre (GR) P.E.KE.B 50years Jubilee, X-3
GR Chios, Municipal Exhibition Hall, X-2
GR Chios, Municipal Exhibition Hall, X-1
KunstenHuis, Westerpark, Amsterdam
Austria, Graz, International Art Project – Benefit Expo for the Children of Africa
Germany, Friesoythe, '700 Jahre Stadt', International Open-Air sculpture in the city
Germany, Nuremberg, International Open Air Sculpture Exhibition at City Parks, ‘H! KUNST 2007’
German / Dutch joint International Open Air Sculpture ‘the Primal-Force’, Isselburg / Oude-Ijselstreek,
Netherlands Iron Museum
Netherlands, Rotterdam, World-Trade-Centre Art Gallery, “Connecting Cultures”
Netherlands, The Hague, STROOM, Art in Public Sector ‘07
Japan, Kobe, Gallery Mamoru Uemura [BUT], Contemporary Αrt
Italy, Calabria, Cosenza / Museo dei Tarocchi, Riola di Vergato, Bologna
Brazil, Florianopolis, Museum of International Contemporary Art, Thematic Exhibition
Cyprus, Kirenya, the ‘London Biennale’, ‘Pollinations’
Germany, Fridrichschafen, IBO-Messe, International exhibition, “Between Heaven and Earth”
England, London, Gulbenkian Galleries, Royal College of Art X 10th, Jubilee Benefit Exhibition
Greece, Athens, Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games 2004. Presentation, (unnamed), of
Koutsouradis' works ''The Greek Islands, and the Water / Sea in the Stadium''.
Germany, Auendorf, Summer Exhibition / Painted Flags in the city
Netherlands, The Hague, STROOM, Art in the Public Sector ‘04’
Greece, Thessalonica, Museum of Modern Art, Cultural Centres of Athens, Ioannina, Chania, Volos,
and Museum of St Marks’ Basilica / Crete. Travelling exhibition of the Committee of General
Secretariat for the Olympic Games ’04, & ADAM Galleries, ‘The Olympic Spirit and Contemporary
Greek Art’
Greece, Athens, Greek Sculptors’ Centre, Contribution of its members to the Olympic Games '04
England, London, Gulbenkian Galleries, Royal College of Art, Benefit Exhibition
Netherlands, Amsterdam, “11 Sculptors”, Inauguration of the International Culture Park
France, Saint Lô, Ecole du Dessin, Drawing Exhibition, « Au bout de la Ligne »,
Greece, Athens, Chamber of Fine Arts, Small Sculpture
Belgium, Louvain, 5th Triennial of Sculpture on the Water, Sculptors of Benelux
Greece, Athens, Gallery ‘Athens Art Space’, Summer Exhibition
Netherlands, Delft, 'De Sigarenfabriek', The International Year of Water
Greece, Athens, Gallery “Epoches”, A Sea Exhibition, ‘para-thin-alos’
Germany, Wilhelmsdorf / Fridrichschafen, Gallery “Platform 3/3”
Greece, Athens / Ionic Centre, Ios Island / Archaeological Museum, & International Fair of
Thessalonica, Expo of Greek Sculptors' Association
Belgium, Kortrijk Xpo Centre, 18th International Biennale “Design for Europe”, INTERIEUR ‘02
Greece, Thessalonica, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Inter-balkan Forum on Contemporary Art
Canada, Québec, Ville-Marie, 6th World Biennale for ‘Works on Paper’
Greece, Athens, Foundation for Education of the National Bank of Greece / Eynard Mansion, 24 Greek
Sculptors – An Homage to Professor Yannis Pappas
Netherlands, Utrecht, Grafische Atelier, “The Price of Europe”, the New European Currency
Netherlands, Rotterdam, Cultural Capital of Europe, Ahoy Exhibition Centre
Greece, Athens, Municipal Galleries of Athens and Elefsina, Art for Children
Germany, Magdeburg, City Hall & Technik-Museum, World Festival on Contemporary Art
Greece, Thessalonica, Vafopoulio Centre, Exhibition on Small Works
Belgium, Liège, La Foir Internationale, ‘Euro feu’,- l’Art de 31 Pays Européens
Romania, Bucarest, Galleria Apollo, Sculptori Greci Contemporani
Switzerland, Le Sentier, & France, Morez, Joint World exhibition, 4es Rencontres Internationales de
Slovenia, Ljubljana / Kranj, World Festival of Art on Paper
Netherlands, Twente, 9 Sculptors, Exhibition at the City Gardens of Borne
Netherlands, Zaltbommel, Garden Gallery ‘Spiros Couzis’, 13 Contemporary Greek Sculptors
Netherlands, Maastricht, Chateau Neercanne / Gallery Bell’ Arte, Sculpture
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Hilton Hotel / Art Vice, ‘Art in Time’
Greece, Attica, Erythrea, ‘Trinemeia ‘98’, 21 Contemporary Sculptors
Nederlands, St Oedenroede, Gallery ‘De Bunders’
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Het GlazenHuis, Amstelpark, Summer Exhibition '98
Greece, Thessalonica, Cultural Capital of Europe, Sculpture at the White Tower Gardens
Netherlands, Noord Brabant, St Anthonis, Gallery & Sculpture Garden ‘Op‘t Vurige Ros’, SoundColour-Sculpture
Netherlands, The Hague, Museum Rijswijk, Contemporary Art on Enamel in Holland
Netherlands, Noord Brabant, St Anthonis, Gallery & Sculpture garden ‘Op ‘t Vurige Ros’, Thematic
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Glass-House, Amstelpark, Summer Exhibition ’96
Germany, Bavaria / Coburg, Ehrenburg Palace, 3d World Exhibition, (First official presentation of
open – air works of Υ. Κ. with Enamel on metal).
Greece, Chios, Volissos Cultural Association, Annual Exhibition
Greece, Athens, Zappeion Exhibition Centre,‘The Best of Britain Festival’, British Embassy & B.G. S.
Germany, Wolnzach, Gallery Hock-Gräclin
Greece, Town of Olympia, International Olympic Academy, Contemporary Sculpture
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Gallery ‘Studio 2000’, Presentation on Sculpture
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Glass-House, Amstelpark, Summer Exhibition ’94
Netherlands, Almelo, Kunsthal Hof 88 & Museum, 30 European Enamellers
Netherlands, Overijssel, Bathmen, First International Biennial of Sculpture on Water in Holland, 12
Nederlands, Maarssen, Estate Fredehof, Sculpture by the River Vecht II
Netherlands, Bussum, Theater ’t Spant, Jubilee of the Dutch Enamellers Association
England, London, Hampstead Gallery ‘K’, 10 Contemporary Sculptors
Netherlands, Rotterdam, Schouwburg Plein, 1st Greek Festival, Sculpture
Germany, Coburg, Pavillion im Hofgarten, Kunstverein, Annual Exhibition of its members
Greece, Hydra Island, Independent Art Centre, ‘Greeks for Macedonia’
Netherlands, Maarsen, Sculpture by the River Vecht I, Estate of May and Joop Hobijn / Jerven Ober
France, Paris, Maison de l’Architecture, La Sculpture Grecque Contemporaine
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage, ‘Gentleman ’91’, First presentation of open – air work of
the sculptor with Enamel on metal).
Netherlands, Amsterdam, RAI Exhibition Centre, Art of Europe
GR, Athens, Municipal Cultural Centre / Korais Street, ‘Dromena ’89’, 7 Sculptors in the Open-Air
GR, Athens, National Foundation for the Young, Art & Environment
GR, Attica, Skironio Museum, 7th Open-Air International Sculpture Biennale – Centennial of the
Olympic Games
GR, Athens, Gallery ‘Ekfrasi’, An elegy to the Sea
GR, Athens, Gallery ‘Titanium’
England, London, the 6th Floor Gallery, Fine Arts Summer Exhibition
GR, Attika, Gallery ‘Epoches’, Indoor Sculpture
England, London, the 6th Floor Gallery, 12 Advanced Sculptors and Painters
GR, Attica, Museum Skironio, VI International Open-Air Sculpture Biennale
GR, Athens, Gallery ‘Ekfrasi’, 11 Greek Sculptors
GR, Athens, Gallery ‘Zygos’, Synopsis ‘87
Spain, Barcelona, Museum / Foundation of Joan Miró, Park de Monjuïc, XXIV World Drawing
GR, Athens, First Cultural Capital of Europe, Open Air Sculpture ’85, Municipality of P. Faliron
GR, Athens, National Gallery & Museum Alex. Soutsos, Contributing Artists’ Exhibition
GR, Athens, Gallery ‘Epoches’, 9 Sculptors in ‘Small Size’
GR, Athens, Kaisariani Municipal Art Centre, A. Chiotis, M. Ioannidou, L. Kapetanaki, Vas.
U.S.S.R, Moscow, House of People’s Achievements, [B.D.H.A], Sculpture
GR, Athens, Greek Sculptor’s Centre, The Nude in sculpture and Drawing
GR, Attica, Municipality of Chaidari, Sculpture at Public Gardens
GR, Athens, Greek Sculptor’s Centre, Sculpture of its Members
GR, Dodecanese, Kos Island, Ipocrateia ’85, Sculpture
GR, Athens, Gallery ‘Kreonidis’, 6 Sculptors
GR, Athens, Gallery, ‘Epoches’, 7 Sculptors
GR, Athens, L’ Institue Française, La IV Biennale Internationale de Sculpture en plain air
GR, Attica, Skironio Sculpture Museum, IV International Biennale
GR, Athens, Greek Sculptor’s Centre, The Portrait in Sculpture
GR, Athens, Gallery ‘Epoches’, 8 Sculptors, (First presentation of Koutsouradis’ Sea Sculptures)
GR, Volos – Thiva - Trikala Municipalities, Touring Sculpture Exhibition of Greece’s Ministry of
GR, Athens, Greek Sculptor’s Centre, Sculptors on Small Works
GR, Athens, Sculptor’s Centre & Chamber of the Fine Arts, 117 Painters - Greece in the European
GR, Athens, Greek Sculptor’s Centre, Sculptors on Relief
GR, Athens, Greek Sculptor’s Centre, Sculptors on Drawing
GR, Athens, Greek Sculptor’s Association Gardens, 2nd Open Air Exhibition
GR, Crete, Exhibition of Pan-Hellenic Culture Movement (GR: PA.PO.K.)
GR, Thessalonica, Demitria ’79 Annual Culture Manifestations
GR, Chios Island, City Hall, Summer Expo with Ch. Botsoglou, V. Dimitreas, Eug. Politi, D. Mytaras,
and others
GR, Athens, Zappeion Expo Centre, 13th Pan-Hellenic exhibition – Re-establishment of Democracy
after the Junta
GR, Athens, Port of Piraeus Art Centre, A Show for the Sea