Top Ten Wildlife Walks – Nomination Form

Wildlife Walks – Nomination Form
We are looking for wildlife walks in NPT. These can be any walk
but should ideally not be a walk that is already being advertised.
The walk can be any length and difficulty. However, it should have
a good chance of seeing interesting flora or fauna. This could be
only one species at a certain time of year e.g. Sarn Helen for
Nightjar on evenings in July (we won’t be using this one due to health
and safety issues of walking in the dark!) Walks should be using existing
public footpaths or on open access land.
Name of Walk
Start Point *
End Point *
route/directions (if
Wildlife likely to see
(and time of year if
Wildlife species almost
guaranteed to see and
at what time of year
(can be only one
species) *
Habitats that you can
see and best time to
see them
Name of Nominee and
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