Community Engagement Standards

Community Engagement Standards
What are they and how do I use them?
Introductory sessions
(This is a FREE event, funded by CIEP, booking is essential)
The Community Engagement Standards have been developed by the Scottish
Community Development Centre and provide a clear measure for the public to use
on engagement practice. Cumbria County Council and Cumbria Improvement and
Efficiency Partnership (CIEP) are promoting the standards and aiming to embed
them in public service engagement activity.
This event will be of interest to you if:
 You want to know more about how to successfully engage long term with the
public and include them in your planning
 You plan or are responsible for engaging with the public in communities of
place or interest
 You carry out engagement activities with the public
 As an elected member you want to see how engaging with the public makes a
difference and enhances your community leadership role
 You are interested in how the Duty to Involve can effectively be implemented
This course is the first in a series of three that will:
 introduce the standards,
 take people through a self assessment and peer review process for
the standards
 build feedback skills so all involved are clear about what is intended
and what has been achieved.
To book on this programme please return the attached booking form to
The Program:
The CIEP Neighbourhoods and Communities theme is in its second year. In Year 1
the focus was on skills and tools for staff members and now Year 2 is focussing on
drilling down those skills to communities. Specifically this workshop builds on the
ABCD sessions delivered in year one. However, you do not need to have attended
one of these sessions before attending this one.
Integrating the activity of the Neighbourhoods and Communities theme with the
Stronger Group of the Safer & Stronger Communities Thematic Partnership, embeds
the program and ensures that its activities are supporting current Community
initiatives in Cumbria.
For further information on the Programme please contact:
Lorrainne Smyth:
01539 – 713435
A full program of events and activities for the Neighbourhoods and
Communities theme will be circulated shortly.