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From the desk of
Mrs. Acevedo-Nolfi
Literacy Menu
This is a list of items that I can do in your classrooms to help you start out
the new school year. Please check any of the items below and place this form in my
mailbox. I will come in to assist you as soon as I become available.
Classroom Environment
Demonstration Lessons
_____ Organize classroom library
_____ Guided reading
_____ Level books for guided reading
_____ Read-Alouds/Think-Alouds
_____ Organize Writer’s Workshop folders
_____ Relax and Read
_____ Set up a poetry corner
_____ Shared/Interactive Writing
_____ Locate and print poems
_____ Locate Reader’s Theatre scripts
_____ Word Sorting
_____ Set up a word wall
_____ Shared Reading*
_____ Assist with student assessment
_____ WRAP/LEA*
_____ Poem of the Week*
______ Other: _______________________________________________
*Primary Classrooms
Teacher’s Name: ____________________________________________________________
Room #: ______________________________
Evelyn Acevedo-Nolfi
Wanda Williams-Semmes
August 2007