Meet the Teacher Night/Title 1 Agenda

Blue Academy
Annual Title I Parent Meeting
Meet the Teacher Night
Monday, July 27th, 2015
5:30 PM - All parents/students will go to the cafeteria
Annual Title I meeting around the following items:
 Welcome
 Parent Right to Know
 School Improvement Goals
 Parent Involvement (PTO, etc.)
 Home-School Compact
 Ipads for 6th graders
 Collaboration among all stakeholders (parents, students, school)
 Latex-free school
 Documents to sign in the classroom
1. Sign in sheet
5:40 PM – Dismiss parents to visit classrooms and hear about teacher
expectations (Teachers - please be outside your classrooms to help direct
5:45-6:30 PM – Classroom visits
**At approximately 6:25, I will make an announcement thanking parents and
students for attending our Meet the Teacher Night and I will ask that the
teachers begin wrapping the evening up at this time.